5 compelling reasons to freelance in 2019

Posted by Chhavi Agarwal on February 19th, 2019

Freelancing was a life changer for me. It gave me the freedom to work from home, travel and spend more time with family and friends instead of being restricted to a cubicle. 

I know freelancing and self-employment is not for everyone, but I think there are 5 compelling reasons to go for it. 

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Freelancing allows you to boost your income anywhere and at any time. While there may be thousands of reason you go to work, one of it is the most prominent - getting a paycheck. 

and, freelancing allows you to control that factor. 

If you are in a remote area or you are pregnant and want to earn on maternity leave or a stay at home mom wanting to increase your income, freelancing can help.

Within 2 months of freelancing, there is a huge chance that you are making more than 00 a month. 


I speak to at least 20-30 in a month and some of the most amazing people I have met is because of freelancing.

Even if you decide after a few months that freelancing is not for you, you will still have people in your network to share ideas with. There is a chance you end up working with them as well. 

Freelancing teaches you networking, and that helps you create a strong relationship with people who matter. 


You may end up deciding to keep freelancing and quit 9-5. I know many freelancers make 00+ a month to six figures a year working from home or traveling. 

It is not easy and it will take work (just as any 9-5 job requires). But, if you stay true to yourself, develop strategies to grow your business, become good at marketing yourself and develop systems to save time, it is possible to earn more than you are in a desk job

4. YOU DECIDE WHO YOU WORK WITH (isn't that enough to convince on why you should freelance?)

I have worked as a freelance writer, and it is AMAZING to be able to choose who you work it. 

No more appraisals. No more office politics. No more someone bossing you around. 

You make your decisions and if someone is annoying you, you can simply stop working with them.


This is definitely one of my favorites and top reasons of why you should freelance. I do not have to wake up at 8 AM and work for 8 hours straight - whether or not I feel like it. 

Sometimes I sleep in till 12, wake up and only start working in the evening. Till the time I am finishing up work on deadline, my clients do not care what time I work or what I wear to work. 

You have the freedom to live your life your way and it is definitely a boon. 

I do not have to ask for leave when I have work - visit a doctor, or visit my sister in law when she had a baby or when I was getting married. I had everything sorted. 

There you go. This is why you should freelance. 

That said, remember, you have to have self-disciple to make it work. You should be responsible and hold yourself accountable - the same way you would in an office.

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