Ways to Sell Out Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Quickly

Posted by John Louis on February 19th, 2019

A large number of businesses buy wholesale liquidation merchandise to getproducts for cheap, and then sell them out with a profit margin. Liquidated products are the ones that companies sell out because they were not selling as expected. Most of the times, they are outdated and there are no buyers for them in the market. Some businesses buy these products at cheap rates, and sell them in markets that they think will have buyers. But if you have purchased merchandise from one of the wholesale liquidators and you are not able to sell them out in any market, then probably your strategy of marketing them is not effective enough. Even if your products are a little outdated, they may sell in lower class markets where buyers are looking for cheap products and they are not concerned about latest things. Use these ways to sell out your liquidated products successfully:

  •  Give special offers: Giving special offers on your wholesale liquidation merchandise is one of the best ways to sell it out quickly. One way is to reduce your rates and improve the ways you accept your orders. If that’s not possible, lure your customers by giving special offers on your products, such as buy one get one free offers, free shipping offers, special discounts on bulk orders, reduced rates on orders worth more than a specified amount etc. These offers are often announced on liquidate Amazon FBA to clear stocks quickly.
  •  Make combos: You can pair your liquidated products with other fresh products. For instance, pair a liquidated product with a fresh one and sell it out as a combo. In this way, you will be able to sell out your fresh merchandise quickly, and get rid of your liquidated goods as well. Make sure that the liquidated product you are pairing with your fresh stock is good in condition. You may also send them as free gifts with your expensive orders. Don’t worry, you can cover their price in the price of the expensive item. However, make sure that the combo you are making is sensible and sounds interesting to your customers.
  •  Offer free shipping: Most customers may be ready to pay a higher price for the product, but they would be repelled with a high shipping cost. One strategy to liquidate Amazon FBA would be to offer free shipping on the products, even if that means raising the product’s price a little bit. Don’t make profit on shipping and offer it for free. Free next-day shipping and offering them as limited time deals can be a good way to convince customers to order fast.
  •  Improve your customer service: Wholesale liquidation companies need to have a robust customer care, so that buyers in doubt can get their questions answered and order quickly. If you are selling your wholesale liquidation merchandise at a cheap rate, the customers may deem them as too good to be true, and want to clear their doubts before placing their order. So, you need to be ready to satisfy them with your customer care service.

Merchandise USA is one of the most reputed wholesale liquidators in the market that offer best quality products at competitive rates. Once you have bought your wholesale liquidation merchandise, use these strategies to sell it out quickly.

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