Manual Setup for SBCGlobal.Net email account on Android, Iphone, Thunderbird

Posted by js5678640 on February 19th, 2019

Manual Setup for SBCGLOBAL.NET email account on Android using incoming(IMAP) and outgoing(SMTP)server.


Introduction of SBCGlobal


  • Southern Bell Corporation (SBC) is a internet service presented by AT&T. It was established in 1882; 137 years ago.
  • After the collaboration with AT&T, users are able to enjoy the ability to get their result email accounts with Yahoo! Mail. The headquarters SBCGlobal is in Dallas Texas at AT&T plaza in United States 
  • SBCGlobal provides the internet service and telecommunication to its users.
  • SBCGlobal provides to its users, address books and spam blockers.
  • The SBCGlobal users can sign in through yahoo  with the ease of using sites such as Yahoo! Groups, Flicker and Yahoo! Instant Messenger.
  • SBCglobal email comes with SBC Internet. Which is one of the most popular service providers in the country.

Introduction of Android.



Android is an operating system made by the google. It is based on Linux kernel and also other open source software.

Android was released in 23 September 2008.

Android is designed primarily for the Android smartphones and for tablets.

Google also developed Android TV (Television), Android for cars, Android for watches (Smartwatches),

Android is also used on many other things like:- for digital cameras, game console, PCs and many other electronic devices.



Step 1:First tap to the mail icon. Enter the mail address and email password.

Step 2:Select IMAP.

Step 3:Insert the settings and tap to Next.

Step 4: Insert outgoing SMTP Settings for SBCGLOBAL.NET and click Next.

Step 5: Select Done. Now its ready to use email account on Android phone.

Manual Setup for SBCGLOBAL.NET email account on Iphone.

Introduction of Apple iPhone

Iphone is a device made by Apple which is having abilities of many other devices like: computer, iPod, camera and a cellular phone into one device.

The Apple iPhone runs in IOS operating system (OS).

Steve Jobs who is the CEO of Apple introduced iPhone publicly on January 9, 2007.

Steve Jobs introduced iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco in 2007 conference.


Step 1: Tap Settings on home screen.

Step 2: Click to Mail icon.

Step 3: Now click to Accounts.

Step 4: Tap Add Account.

Step 5: Click Other.

Step 6: Tap to Add Mail Account.

Step 7: Insert Name, Email & Password and then Tap to Next.

Step 8: Now click to IMAP . Go down to Incoming Mail Server, now insert all the details, then insert all details for Outgoing Mail Server, and then Tap to Next.

Step 9: Now verify the incoming and outgoing servers – Tap to continue for each or tap "Details" and then tap "Trust"

Step 10: Now Save.

Step 11: Select the new account which is just created by user.

Step 12: Tap to choose the SMTP server.

Step 13: Now Check SMTP settings and Tap to Done.

Manual Setup for SBCGLOBAL.NET email account on Thunderbird.


Introduction of Thunderbird

The Thunderbird was released in 28 July 2003.

Thunderbird version 1.0 was released in 7 December 2004.

The developer of Thunderbird are mozilla  Foundation.

Thunderbird is a computer program which is produced for different operating system for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It is offer only for full windows. For mobile their is a need to setup own email clients.


Step 1: At first launch Thunderbird. Tap to Local Folders > Email

Step 2: Tap to Skip this and use existing email

Step 3: Insert the details and then Tap to Continue.

Your name :

Email address :

Password :

Step 4: Choose the type of email account(IMAP or POP).

Step 5: Tap to Done.

Step 6: Tap to Confirm.

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