Mobile Home Park Residency Law Help To Protect Rights

Posted by rentersrightslaw on February 19th, 2019

Mobile home park laws are set by a local board which determines the price ceiling for rental rates. The committee concludes the rates by considering various factors including cost of living, average rent prices in the area, and the type of rental unit. For example, some local boards apply rent control laws that are specific only to a particular kind of building, such as large complexes or multi-floored apartments. As you can see, these factors will all vary from region to region.

Generally, rent control laws require a landlord to fix the rental price while the tenant is under a lease. It means that so long as the tenant is under the contract, the landlord cannot raise the rent. Or, they can only raise rent by a certain annual limit designated by the local board. Only when the unit becomes vacant can the landlord raise the rent in anticipation of a new lease with a new tenant. Some laws prohibit raising rent even if the group is empty. Mobile Home Park Residency Law can also limit the landlord's ability to evict a tenant, especially without just cause.

Rent control means that the landlord can set the initial rent amount, but cannot raise the rent or is severely limited in the amount they can increase the rent. So, the laws tend to favor the tenant, and most landlords dislike rent control. Instead of stabilizing rent rates, Mobile Home Tenant Attorney CA can sometimes create pockets of excessive rates within a community.  Another aspect of rent control laws has to do with mobile home parks. Out of all living arrangements, mobile home communities are probably the most regulated under control laws. It is because most mobile home owners own their mobile home units but rent the land on which situated. Mobile homes are also very costly to move and lose value when they are run.

Mobile Home Renter Law California can also have the unintended effect of limiting the amount of available housing in a city since housing contractors can be hesitant to build in the towns with it. In response to an endless barrage of complaints by both landlords and tenants, several states have adopted legislation that prevents local municipalities from imposing control laws. Being able to answer these fundamental questions can go a long way in dealing with tenants and rent prices. Responsibilities increase when you are a landlord, and one of the most critical responsibilities is charging reasonable rent.


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