Tricks to trim your grocery bills

Posted by Giani on February 20th, 2019

Looking for ways to cut corners when shopping for groceries in Hyderabad? For those engaging in grocery shopping in Hyderabad would agree that groceries tend to take up quite a big share of those monthly paychecks.

Weekly visits to the “food clinic” to get the essentials for making healthy meals is not as easy as it sounds, given the countless options to choose from.

But, there are ways to save your bills by keeping in mind the following tips.

Make a List

Appearing to be simple and non-essential to many, this is a very crucial step going forward. Quite a lot of us have come out of the grocery store with more items than we need.

Having a list allows you to stay focussed and disciplined about what and how much of it to get. Before heading out, it is imperative to have your pantry and fridge checked to avoid making duplicates purchases.

Buy from discount stores

Thanks to the Internet, WhatsApp grocery shopping is now a possibility. With this facility, you can save yourself a trip to the grocery store and make purchases from your homes. This also allows you to focus on other household chores.

Purchase filling snack items

Munching on healthy and filling snacks helps in curbing hunger, maintaining weight and consuming lesser quantities during lunch and dinner (lesser quantities require lesser ingredients). When engaging in WhatsApp shopping, increase the quantities of affordable and commonly available snack items, such as eggs, fruits, and dry fruits.

Buy in bulk

When scouring for groceries, buying items in bulk can save considerable money (lower unit price) and time (frequency of ordering).

You can cook meals and have them stored in the fridge for a few weeks. This increases their durability and perishability.

Keep an eye out on shopping sales

Another cost-cutting strategy is to keep an eye out for any sales promotions, discounts and offers on groceries. Capitalizing on these helps save a lot of money.

Get Analytical — keep a track of sales patterns

If you haven’t yet, it is high time you start!

Tracking sales patterns and prices helps gauge the lowest possible price for items, which eventually helps to know the best time to order and stock up on them.

With everything getting digitized, ordering using mobile applications have made instant grocery delivery a possibility and in reducing the time lag between ordering items and their delivery.

Look out for items that are up for clearance

Just like end-of-season clearance sales for clothing, the same principle applies to groceries. A lot of grocery stores and supermarkets have labels indicating products that are up for clearing. These products are not expired and are of good quality, so keep an eye out.

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