Health Hazards Related to Hydro-Blasting Technique

Posted by thompsonusa on February 20th, 2019

The process of ultra high pressure water blasting or Hydro-jetting denotes the removal of unwanted materials in the surface and other contaminants by spraying water of high velocity on the surface. Hydroblasting helps in two ways:

a. Aids in removing old coatings and rust

b. Removes residue materials and crystallized salt that has got deeply embedded in the surface of the equipment

Use of Hydroblasting in industries

Several industries make use of water blasting technique such as the airports, highways and roads, massive construction site, maintenance of marine vessel, in power plants, manufacturing and processing plants, paper and pulp mills, petrochemical plants and the list goes on and on.

This method of cleaning is termed as a practical solution. This is because it has the ability to adapt to the requirements of any space. Sometimes, even though the particular method is not possible for removing dirt and dust, yet the conventional blasting method can be customizable.

In addition, the Hydroblasting method is also an environment-friendly method that uses machineries and equipments that do not contribute to polluting the environment. So, if you have to reduce your carbon footprint, it is recommended that you choose the Hydroblasting method.

Therefore, it has been noticed that many industries today are replacing their conventional techniques of cleaning with Hydroblasting.  


Although high ultra high pressure water blasting equipments help in proper cleaning of the surface of your industries, yet there remains a risk of the workers getting exposed to hazardous components that may cause severe health injury and even death.

The pressure produced by the water blasting equipments can rise at a speed of about 3300 kilometers per hour. Thereby, this high voltage is able to produce such a strong pressure that even the solid materials can be bogged down. However, this is not free from health hazards as has already been mentioned. Along with this, the debris that is accommodated with water may have a chance to hit the skin, eyes, and other parts of the body.

Exposure to chemicals

Often workers may find themselves in situations where they would have to remove toxic substances and other several chemical by-products. Therefore, it is recommended that the workers take adequate protection of themselves while working. They can wear protective clothing, and gloves to avoid direct contact with the chemicals.


However, if you keep aside the health hazards related to the Hydroblasting method of cleaning, then the procedure is far better than the conventional ones. Try it out soon! 

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