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The refrigerator is the basic and common thing in our daily life and thus making it an important part of our kitchen.

You need to know what are the key things which help to increase the life of your kitchen appliances. In this post, we will be sharing some amazing refrigerator tips for your home which will not only increase its efficiency but also the power consumption.

In every home, the refrigerator is packed with action all day, and everything is not beautiful – the remaining chilies and ugly veggies that was left or forgotten inside.

It is neither pleasing to your eyes nor healthy for your family. The drip and stain give birth to bacteria which will spread to the compartments and ultimately to the food items. These all make it messy and unhygienic for you and your family. So, refrigerator maintenance is necessary.

6 Keys to Refrigerator Maintenance

Check Out Your Refrigerator Door Seals

If your refrigerator door seals are loose the cold air easily passes, resulting in energy wastage. You should also ensure that the seals are free from food residue. Clean your refrigerator door seals twice in a year with the help of using a toothbrush or with the solution of baking soda and water.

To ensure the quality of the door seals, follow this simple process. Take a currency note and put it in between the door so that half of the portion is inside and another half outside. Now, if it slips smoothly, it is the time to replace the rubber seal on the door.

Protect your refrigerator from the high heat source

When your refrigerator is nearby and heat source, the compressor has to put an extra effort to keep your favorite item chilled down to the perfect temperature.

This means that your refrigerator has to work even harder which ultimately result in high power consumption. It may even reduce the age of the refrigerator.

When you design your kitchen, keep in mind that your refrigerator is away from all such ovens, dishwashers and those who produce heat. To prevent working from overdrive, it is also wise to keep it straight out of the sunlight.

Clean up your condenser coils

The condenser coils help to remove the warmth from the refrigerator. If those massive coils which can be either on the lower back or underside of your refrigerator start to get dusty, it becomes difficult for them to continue working in that efficient way in which they were designed.

If these coils are working two times as difficult as they are supposed to, then it causes the energy consumption which can eventually cause problems for your device under the line.


When frost has accumulated on the inside walls of the fridge to a thickness of 1.5 in. (or a bit over one centimeter) around, take away the food from the refrigerator/freezer, put off the thermostat or disconnect the unit, and let all of the frosts meltdowns. Once the frost has melted fully, turn the unit back on, wait for it to succeed in its operative temperature, and stock it with food.

Keep the Door Closed

The most important thing to reduce energy consumption is to keep the doors closed. There is no matter which type of refrigerator you have either built-in or integrated, this is the most obvious way to low down the power consumption.

Standing in front of an open fridge will have a big impact on your energy bill. As the cold air escapes from your appliance, it requires more energy to return to its original state and maintain it.

Before opening the door you should know what thing I want from the fridge. This helps you to limit the number of times you open it on a daily basis, resulting in a great deal of energy stored in your home.

Power Out Tip

Power cut is a usual thing in India. If this happens, keep the door of the refrigerator closed. An unopened refrigerator will preserve food safe for more than 4 hours. If a refrigerator is full then freezer maintains the temperature for 48 hours and 24 hours if half full.

These were some home tips for cleaning a refrigerator. These tips will definitely help to improve the energy efficiency of your refrigerator and Freezer.


These were some home tips for cleaning a refrigerator. These tips will definitely help to improve the energy efficiency of your refrigerator and Freezer. Because Sub-Zero focuses on quality and perfection that will inspire the customers to go beyond a basic, functional kitchen and looks for one that meets their artistic and design expectations and gives them years of satisfaction.

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