Who makes the best refrigerators?

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Do you know who makes the best refrigerators? A refrigerator is an electrical machine that works on the base of electricity. Basically, it is used to keep food material and condiments cool and fresh.

Sub-Zero was founded in the year 1945 by Westye F. Bakke in Madison Wisconsin. The company has appreciated for fabricating the first professional counter depth refrigerator.

Sub-Zero is a global brand which makes the best built-in  as well as integrated refrigerator. It also manufactured the kitchen appliances under the name of WOLF brand name. The product of the Sub-Zero provides the more reliable product of refrigerator.

Why sub-zero refrigerators?

Sub-zero refrigerator accompanied by advanced technology compared to other brands refrigerator. It also provides better premium space and extra feature their competitors such as  Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, and Thermador.

Sub-Zero brand refrigerators feature at a glance

  1. Two compressors.
  2. Vacuum  Seal.
  3. Temperature interface.
  4. Air purification filter.
  5. Testing.

Two compressor

Sub-Zero brand refrigerators have two compressors, first for the refrigerator and second for the freezer. Wet and dry freezer air do not interconnect to each other into the refrigerators. Two compressors help to keep the food materials and condiments fresh till a long time. The most popular refrigerator manufactured company afford two compressors in a refrigerator.

Vacuum seal

The sub-zero refrigerator has an active vacuum seal. It is little difficult to open but outer air does not interact into the refrigerator. The major benefit of the vacuum seal is the food stays fresher for a longer period of time. It provides external air protection to the eating materials.

Temperature interface

Sub-Zero gives you the GUI(Graphical user interface) facility through which you can set the temperature to 1 degree in both the refrigerator or freezer. Sub-Zero has low-temperature deviation compare to other brands refrigerator.  

Air purification filter

As you know when food spoils, it produces ethylene gas. The advanced air purification system is enhanced with Nasa technology. Sub-Zero utilize an antimicrobial air scrubber to clean air of ethylene, mold, various and microbe in every 20 minutes. Thus, an antimicrobial air scrubber help to less spoiled process. Although it can help to save the other food material be worse.


As they are serving since 1945. Each unit analyzed before delivering to the customer. Each and every individual unit is tested before delivery.

Why Sub-Zero?  Is Sub-Zero worth the money?

A lot of people put up questions. Why Sub-Zero? Is Sub-zero worth the money? Here`s is the answer.

It has the best features and brand name in the refrigerator industry. From the cost point of view, it is moderate. You can easily afford that much.

Sub-Zero is available in the market with a different price which you can easily afford. However, if you are willing to make your dream kitchen elegant and searching for the best refrigerator. Sub-Zero is the favorable choice without any query.

Comparison between Sub-Zero


and Thermador







36”  Refrigerator4021.436”  Refrigerator4919.7

30”  Refrigerator3017.330”  Refrigerator4917.2

24”  Refrigerator4012.924”  Refrigerator4913.2

36”  Freezer302023.3” Refrigerator9913.2

30 “ Freezer4015.330 “ Freezer4915.8

24 “ Freezer0012.324 “ Freezer4912.2

18 “ Freezer008.48 “ Freezer997.2


It is the optimum refrigerator company. Apart from the brand name, looks, and many more things. You are concerned with the reliability of product and investment in the product? Don`t Worry.

You are investing in the brand that will last up to 20 years. You are not just investing in looks of your kitchen but also investing in your family health. There is a quote

Conversation with customers will increase sales, even if the product or service is never mentioned.

We hope that you find this article resourceful.

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