5 Easy Steps To Clean The Refrigerator Coils

Posted by Mahi on February 21st, 2019


As we know all a refrigerator is one of the most important items of equipment in the kitchen for keeping foods safe. They also keep food cold and help prevent some people from getting infected. So it is the most used appliance in your home.

If your Fridge Suddenly stops working, it runs but not works proper, Not cold enough. In these conditions don’t panic too much. You just need to clean the condenser coil.

So today here! We are going to tell you 5 Easy Steps To Clean The Refrigerator Coils.

How To Clean The Refrigerator Coils:

First of all, you need to know how can you find refrigerator Coils in your Fridge. Coils are located at the back of the refrigerator and are black in color. They are twisted up like a snake. To clean the Refrigerator Coil is not a big deal. We will show you some easy & quick Steps.

#Step 1.

First, you have to unplug the refrigerator. Simply unplug the fridge from the electrical socket. Move it away from the wall. Food inside your fridge will be safe as long as the door is kept closed and it is already at the decent temperature.

#Step 2.

Now Locate the refrigerator Coil. As we tell you coils are black and twisted up like a snake.

In a side by side Model, you have to open both doors of the refrigerator to access the Coils. Once you have the doors open, just put one hand on each side of the grill, start to push down on the top of the grill and pull up on the back at the same time.

If the coils are located in the backside of refrigerator push the refrigerator, removing the plug from the electrical socket. You will need to pull the fridge completely away from the wall to wash them.

“Make Sure The Power Of Refrigerator should be Disconnected”

#Step 3.

Now Take a Soft Coil Brush. Always Use a soft-bristle brush across the coils, both vertically and horizontally to release dust. You can use a flashlight to see the dirt Particles. Make sure to Wipe all dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. from the condenser coils with a coil brush. Also vacuum up any dirt, dust, pet hair and water on the floor.

#Step 4.

If you are cleaning the refrigerator coils than you have to clean base grill also which can be vacuumed or washed in warm, soapy water. In addition to the base grill, you want to wash any open areas around the coils, clean as much as you can probably reach with the soft brush.

Once finished, reattach the grill in front of the coils carefully.

#Step 5.

Now if you have pulled the fridge out, vacuum and wipe down the sides, front and back of the fridge and the floor also. Push back the fridge in the previous position.

When the floor is completely dry, plug in the Refrigerator and the power supply.

Now all set! Your refrigerator’s’ coils have been successfully cleaned.

Following these simple steps 2 or 3 times a year will absolutely help you to extend the lifespan of your refrigerator.

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