Cleaning the Interior Of the Refrigerator

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refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen, and it requires more attention to keep clean. But without the cleaning of the interior of the refrigerator increases the risk of food poisoning.

But do you know how to clean the interior of the refrigerator in minimum effort and time?

If no, then don’t worry, We will explain you about cleaning the interior of the refrigerator.

Keep reading to know cleaning tips…

Steps To Clean The Interior Of The Refrigerator

Note: Don’t Forget to Unplug Refrigerator or Disconnect Power Connection, Before the Starting of The Cleaning Process.
Step 1: Take out all the food items from the fridge.

To a proper cleaning, take out all the food items from the refrigerator and place it on the table and empty your refrigerator. Because becoming an empty refrigerator does the cleaning process too much comfortable and easier, and also eliminates the chance of poisoning.

Step 2: Throw away unwanted or aged food from the fridge.

Try to use leakage prevent bags or containers to store food in the refrigerator. It will increase food age and also improve fridge hygiene.

  • Throw away food items that you are unlikely to use.
  • Throw out the food item who creates an unpleasant smell because its smell indicates that it going to spoil.
Step 3: Take out refrigerator interior items such as shelves, drawers, or other removable surface areas from the refrigerator.
  • Place all the interior items near to kitchen sink or where it will be easier to clean.
  • Collect all cleaning tools such as soapy liquid, a clean and dry cloth, sponge, and clean water. Prefer a microfibre cloth or a better quality sponge because these cleaning items will not fall apart and leave little particles behind in the fridge.

Note: Don’t use harsh cleaners like

  • Concentrated Detergents
  • Bleaches
  • Cleansers Containing Petroleum Products On Plastic Parts
  • Interior, and Door Liners or Gaskets
  • Flammable Fluids
  • Window Sprays
  • Cleaning Waxes
Step 4: Wash shelves, drawers, or other removable surface areas.
  • Simply wash shelves, drawers, or other removable surface areas with cold water, and carefully clean all items.
  • Never clean a cold glass shelf with warm water, because the sudden temperature change could break the glass. Preferably, use cold water or remove the shelf and let it come up to normal room temperature before washing it.

For the strong stains, mix a little amount of baking soda with some water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the spots and leave for an hour before washing with a wet sponge or cloth. The baking soda should release the stain, making it easy to clean away.

Step 5: Clean the inside area of the refrigerator with your preferred cleaning mixture.

After the clean all the interior items, let it become dry and now come to the inside area of the refrigerator. It also an important step in the refrigerator cleaning process.

Use a dry and clean cloth or sponge and lightly wipe stains with natural soapy water.

After cleaning the fridge, let the door open for some time so that refrigerator doesn’t absorb the soap smell.

Step 6: Clean the Fridge Gasket.

To clean the gasket of your refrigerator, clean with a mixture of 1-quart warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Wash the gasket completely and clean dry with a fresh cloth.

During cleaning rubber gaskets, it is necessary to use a cleaning mixture that will remove debris and any smells.

Step 7: Re-enter the food into the refrigerator.

After the completion, the cleaning process, re-enter all the food items into the fridge. But check all jars, containers, bottles or any other food boxes that they are fully dry.

And also check the expiry dates of all food items before place it into the fridge.

Now, also clean and dry your wet floor. After it is completely dry, plug in the switch of your refrigerator.

So, these are the steps to clean the interior of the refrigerator in minimum effort and time. Follow these steps to keep your refrigerator clean.

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