Top 5 Benefits of Breathing in Fresh Air

Posted by alpineair340 on February 21st, 2019

Since we were little kids, we have been encouraged by our parents to go outside and play in fresh air. This is because breathing in fresh air improves our overall health and protects our bodies against various diseases. Nowadays, people tend to forget the importance of spending time outside and breathing in fresh air. According to a study conducted by Prevention magazine, the average American spends a huge amount of time in offices and living rooms, instead of outdoors.

Additionally, most of the children do not get outside as often as they used to. They prefer to spend more hours on academics and less on outdoor activities. If you and your family fall in the same category and you all need reasons to get outdoors, here are a few points that will pull you away from your living room and toward your patio:

Better immune system: Breathing in fresh air can help your immune system to fight off diseases in an effective manner. It kills and destroys bacteria, viruses and germs. It also supplies your body with enough oxygen to keep your cells fueled and function effectively.

Calm you down: If you are feeling stressed or nervous, getting fresh air may leave you feeling much more relaxed than you were before. All you need to do is to step out of your home. This will lighten your mood and promote a sense of well-being. According to Wageningen University, people who were undergoing stressful life events found that getting fresh air was linked with better health and fitness.

Clean your lungs: Breathing in fresh air can benefit your lungs. It dilates the airways of your lungs properly and improves the cleaning action as well.

Improve heart health: Being outside and getting fresh air can improve both blood pressure and heart rate. It also provides better overall heart health.

Better brain health: When you breathe in fresh air, your brain gets more oxygen and it becomes able to function more efficiently. Additionally, it brings greater clarity and improved concentration.

All these above points help you understand the importance of getting fresh air. In other words, if you want to improve the quality of indoor air, you can purchase the best fresh air lint screen online.

However, there are different types of products available on the market today that can purify the indoor air, but fresh air lint screen can leave an amazing impact on your life. Simply go online and find the best fresh air lint screen and make yourself a healthier person.

Author’s Bio: This article is all about the importance of getting fresh air.

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