Six Tips For Building Business Sign Boards

Posted by andymurray on February 21st, 2019

Every business needs to be unique if they want to create an impression of the prominent players in the market. When it comes to business sign boards, one needs to stand out. An innovative plus creative sign is likely to attract your audience big time, thus the better sales. In this world where everyone is trying to be different, riding on the bandwagon of signage can be the best decision ever. Here are some ideas for business sign boards that ought to be known.

The Wooden Plank Design

If you have a thing for the vintage feels, try and give a shot to the wooden plank signs. The best idea would be to custom cut a rough wooden plank and polish it if the need be. Use paint or a permanent marker to write the message or the tagline that would, in turn, attract your targeted audience at first glance.

Make sure to write everything in big letters so that it becomes easily visible even from a distance.

The Fabric Storefronts

The simple yet unique approach of the fabric signs makes them a popular choice among the business runners. You can simply choose the fabric, its background color, the logo, the message, and anything that you need to include on the board. You can order for the fabric to be glued to a hard and durable sign board that makes it stand in the long run.

Make sure the board is not overcrowded with messages or logo is not that big. You wouldn’t want to let the customer’s miss what you are trying to say.

The Metal Signboards

Not only these sign boards look uniquely stylish but are known to stand for the years to come. The best part about these signs reflects on them being weather resistant and robust. Look for providers that offer services such as building signs online for effective crafting and investment savings. Be it in circular shapes, rectangular, triangles, or squares; make sure your message is loud and clear.

Color contrasting matters when inscribing on the metal boards! Always rely on expert advice when it comes to choosing the color combinations.

The Rock Inscribing

The rocks and the stones make for the new sign board trend that is doing rounds in the market. You can actually make a difference with the rock signs that will make you the standard setters of tomorrow. The sign experts can help you design a perfect rock for your business undertakings. It would be like a Stone Age feel that will get you the brownie points when it comes to creativity.

If you have a large business, the rock boards are the way to go. For small businesses, it may get trickier to relocate the rocks as they may cost a bit more.


These are the four types of business sign boards that you could try investing in. Giving a unique and an improvised face to your business will make your business outshine in the market. Isn’t it all that you want?

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