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The Sub-Zero Wolf was incorporated in Madison, Wisconsin, on the 20th day of 1945. The name Sub-Zero came from the new below zero-temperature standard for the safe freezing of food. Sub-Zero has always been popular for developing high-quality and most advanced designs of refrigerators.

Good Food Means Good Mood

Sub-Zero Wolf Is A Magic For Your Kitchen & Yummy Meals

Over-time, the company took a 360° turn by bringing a comprehensive line of award-winning and built-in integrated models as well as a state of art of wine storage line. It has altered the kitchen design with the manufacturing of exceptional quality, beauty, and most innovative equipment.

Acquisition Of Wolf By Sub-Zero

In March 2000, the acquisition of Wolf by Sub-Zero was not less than the marriage of ice and fire. For more than 70 years, Wolf has been the leader in professional cooking equipment. Now the entire line of kitchen appliances is engineered under the supervision of Sub-Zero making superior-performance appliances cooking delicious meals for its users.

This combination co-ordinates flawlessly for making new kitchen products following new exterior styles and refinements in performance. Sub-Zero And Wolf combination is a boon of end users by adopting the successful anticipation of design, technology, and social trends. The founder of Sub-Zero Freezer Company made long-term American efforts resulted in the manufacturing of wonderful kitchen products dedicated to the most reliable ways of preserving food.

How Sub-Zero Wolf Evolve with the time?


Westye Bakke, the founder of Sub-Zero Wolf, started doing experiments with refrigeration in order to find an improved and most appropriate way of storing insulin for his son Bud. Actually, his son was suffering from juvenile diabetes. At that time, the already existing refrigerators could not be trusted for preserving medicines for a long period of time. Bakke took it as a challenge to solve it.


Westye turns his Madison basement into a lab so that he could develop different refrigerator designs. He built his first freestanding freezer in that lab with the help of scrap metal and bare-handedly bending the coils.


Westye launched Sub-Zero Freezer Company where he introduced his first refrigerator that could preserved food at ultra-low, or literally sub-zero, temperatures.


The company pioneers dual refrigeration i.e. separate and sealed systems for refrigerator and freezer. A built-in refrigerator was ready as a unit that could fit within a counter and cabinet space and hence reinvented kitchen design.


In the 1990s, entirely new concept arrived defining the integrated refrigeration. It was presented through the 700 Series of modular units. These Series represented “point of use” refrigeration that mingled smoothly and continuously into any decor. It included the new concept of the drawer units of the refrigerator as well as the freezer. It converted the idea that all food must be stored only at a single place.


Now here Sub-Zero acquired the residential side of Wolf. Two specialists incorporated within one unit making a powerful couple of kitchen appliances. It became a brand for high-quality and professional cooking equipment.


Sub-Zero revealed PRO 48 representing the most professional style refrigeration. The PRO 48 has stainless steel whether one talks about it’s interior or exterior portion. It consumes less amount of energy even less than a 100-watt bulb over the course of one year.


The company adopted the technology used by NASA and introduced an antimicrobial air purification system. The technology scrubs the air of mold, bacteria, viruses and ethylene gas.


Wow! Top Products India Pvt. Ltd. launched Sub-zero Wolf at its Mumbai showroom in India.


Top Products India Pvt. Ltd. launched it at its second showroom In New Delhi.


Sub-Zero and Wolf initiated introducing its new generation and a series of products highlighting more than 70 appliances developed to excel in both performance and design. You will be shocked to read this but yes this product rollout is the largest in the company’s 70-year history. The new generation of Sub-Zero Wolf products consists of highly advanced preservation features as well as sizes in the integrated refrigeration systems.

Final Thoughts

It is very easy to feed food to the body, but feeding to the soul is hard. Sub-Zero Wolf, a world of kitchen products came with one motto to make sure you get the most out of making.

So whether you cook, bake, brew, or blend, whatever you want to do in the kitchen, you can do with the high-quality kitchen appliances of Sub-Zero Wolf.

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