What Do You Need To Know About Multiple Pregnancies?

Posted by snehasharma on February 21st, 2019

A multiple pregnancy is a condition when a woman conceives more than one infant in her uterus. Such events can happen due to many factors, which are either natural or even artificial which are explained in different biological ways by the medical experts. Some of the best hospital for pregnancy in Chennai specialize guide the patients with multiple pregnancies. Read on to find more details about the rare, occurring multiple pregnancies.

  • Factors involved: The aspect of multiple-pregnancy can occur due to several factors such as older and heavier woman if a mother herself is a twin, multiple-pregnancy in mother’s family and so on. Also, such a condition can occur when the mother undergoes infertility treatments such as IVF, GIFT and so on. Such procedures more often involved with a transfer of more than one fertilized egg into the mother’s uterus causing a multiple- pregnancy.
  • Become common: Multiple pregnancies have become more common in recent times. As per studies, the use of fertility drugs and treatments like IVF and other Alternative Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments lead to this unique condition among some women.  In most of these occurrences, the mother always carries twin babies.  Experts at the maternity hospitals in Chennai endorse this statement as they see an identical pattern from these observations.
  • Real cause: In general. A multiple pregnancy can occur in two different conditions. Firstly, it can happen when one egg divides into two before its implantation into the uterus. Secondly, this condition can occur when two individual eggs are fertilized by different sperms, which is known as fraternal multiples. In each type, the status of the infants is entirely different. In the former type, the twins may belong to same-sex, while in the other it may not be the same.
  • Various diagnosis methods: A multiple pregnancy can be easily diagnosed in many tests. The common ultrasound test can easily reveal this health condition. Also, symptoms like high-level HCG, fast growth of uterus size, excessive fetal movement as perceived by the mother and so on. When such external signs are observed, it is wise for the mother to consult the gynecologist.
  • Carry high risks: According to the medical experts, multiple pregnancies are riskier than a normal or single pregnancy. Since the uterus becomes larger during this type of multiple pregnancies, it can offer more discomfort to the mother. Also, she has to have more number of consultations as well to undergo many tests in order to ensure her health condition progress safely.

 In addition to the above, a woman with a multiple-pregnancy has to monitor herself and keep a careful track of her health conditions so that she gets the best treatment from the right experts. At time multiple pregnancies can even pose a hard challenge to the gynecologists

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