How to Create a VR effect of Virtual Reality?

Posted by space88 on February 21st, 2019

Virtual reality or VR is a new technology, a completely artificial environment created using special software and hardware. Digital content can be attributed to virtual content, which can be viewed using virtual reality helmets, smartphones and other devices.

The main difference between VR and a conventional 2D photo or video is the effect of total immersion. This means that the user is not only involved in the visual content, having the opportunity to see the image from all angles, but also can interact with it.

So far, VR cannot compete with “normal” reality for a single reason: the resolution of the best virtual reality helmet is 8K. And in order to replace reality, you need a resolution of at least 24K. This will happen no later than in 2022, according to moderate estimates.

VR solutions create virtual reality effect in different ways, depending on the content itself. Virtual reality can be either 360-degree photography or video, 3D models, or full immersion using, for example, virtual glasses or a cardboard where, with the exception of 360 / 3D graphics, the user can interact with the picture using smartphone sensors and sensors located on digital device. However, when creating any VR effect, the essence of the process is almost the same.

The first stages of virtual reality app development are the work of designers and programmers:

1) 3D designers draw a picture in which both existing and non-existing objects can be depicted.

2) UI / UX specialists adjust the created picture to the requirements and desires of users.

3) On the next stages, front-end and back-end developers create code and linking visualized objects, setting a script and the logic, also thinking through every tiny interaction. The result of this long chain is the created, high-quality effect of full VR immersion.

Hence, you should contact professionals and for many reasons. When creating a VR app, the quality of models is crucial because the higher the resolution of the content is provided, the more realistic it looks. But also not every developer even having good equipment is able to create high-quality VR content. As it turns out, production of a single image requires the work of an entire team of specialists, namely, a project manager, designers, CG artists, back-end developers, UI / UX specialists. All of them must be well versed in their business to create the desired output.