Determining the Early Signs of Teenage Pornography Addiction

Posted by Oxbow Academy on February 22nd, 2019

No parent wants their child to be pornography addicted but, it is getting common these days not even in boys but girls also and in all age group. To know whether one is addicted or not, below are some signs but remember these aren't definitive proof.

Depression- When a teen is facing some problems in life he or she needs to cope. They are unable to this emotionally because the brain is still forming, and teen starts in searching solution for their problems so pornography comes like a volcano that can boost teen easily. It is exciting for the brain and quickly helps in feeling better, and naturally, teens become curious and start exploring more. The problem mainly arises when he or she feels shameful and secretive, depression lowers the enjoyment and teens likely to returns to porn.

Lying or keeping secrets- Teens start to become more secretive and say more lies that actually worth nothing. This is not that a big deal but if you have money or card is stolen or password change then it is advisable that you should start taking things seriously. You can't expect start confession that your child is suffering from teen porn addiction nor you can be strict to know all secrets.

Ignoring other important things- Again this is getting very common in today's generation, teens can't move from pleasure-seeking behavior which might be causing the problem, or it will in the future. The teen starts to ignore other necessary tasks of growing up like school, sleep relationship etc., which gives a hint that something is wrong.

Technology Obsession-One can easily get addicted to technology including games very quickly and when teens are unable to access them it then becomes a problem. You need to monitor device history and downloads to be sure that your child is not discovering anything inappropriate. Try to be familiar with the application that your teen is using and keep a regular check if history is consistently missing.

As a parent, the first thing you need to be sure that your child is using a device in an inappropriate manner and then take the device to your child at a time he mostly uses the device. Try to be calm and genuine, without judging tell them what you found. Deal with your emotions and don't put the burden on your child. Wait for their reply and if they don't tell the truth gently bring back to the question. Show your love and make them realize that you care about their future. Don't interrupt when they are telling you something, just listen to them carefully what they say and how they feel. Give your teen a comfort zone where he can easily open like by starting the conversation with a topic on which your teen can easily speak up or you can talk to an expert. Teenage pornography addiction is common these days so, you need to know how to deal with such situations.

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