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Posted by Chomko LA on February 22nd, 2019

Towers used to be lookouts for cities and were used to detect enemy movement beyond the periphery of city landscape. Earlier times had bells installed in towers so they could ring and convey messages of happiness or sorrow to the town’s people. Then clock tower came in to being and the tradition has followed year after year and now we have majestic towers sporting the latest clocks of giant size dotting the city skyline. These towers stand tall and magnificent and announce time with great clarity day and night accompanied by the rumbling of their chimes.

City clocks are special built mechanisms

This would also tell you that you should also have these towers in your city, town, institution, Public Park, business establishments and government building and public places. The towers can be built to stand independently or be made part of a building the later will cost you less. Tower clocks are special built by time management companies and are mostly made to specifications.

It is obvious that these towers should have clocks that must have huge dial face measuring several meters and the minute hands equally measuring in meters. Purpose of building a city clock is that it should be visible to the entire population of the city, area, locality or premises. Size of the clock will depend on that and the clocks may have more than two faces, so they face to all directions.

It needs special skills and technology to build clock tower

Traditional tower clocks are mechanically driven instruments and are powered by weight and regulated by pendulum swing for time. They stand tall and sit like a crown on the buildings they are installed and serve as an important landmark of the urban habitat. Special skills and supplies are required to build clock towers and special teams and technology will be required to complete it.

If you have old tower and turret clocks in your rural or urban location you may need their help when they stop working. These clocks are synonymous for their big rambling chimes that can be heard miles. However the old tower clocks now are being replaced by modern clocks that are driven by digital technology. These clocks have their own distinctive advantages and ease of use compared to the older mechanisms and functions. 

Installing a tower clock in your locality, community, town or city will hugely unite people and develop friendship among people. Your town folks will have something to be proud of and a subject that will be discussed when they go meet people outside of town. Importantly they will be like jewels on your cityscape and something to be proud of and refer.

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