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Posted by John Smith on February 22nd, 2019

Today you can choose modern rugs of different materials: natural as wool, silk, jute, sisal and synthetic as plastics and acrylic fiber. The choice of rugs and its materiality will depend on where you put it and of course your budget.  For living a good alternative is wool since being a natural fiber has a very long and good life if given the necessary care. Although its price is higher than acrylic, the difference is paid with the useful life of the carpet and the difference in texture.

The wool is soft to the touch and has memory, that is, if after having a heavy furniture over it for many years you decide to change it, the marks left by the weight of the furniture will disappear in a couple of days as the fiber of the wool will return to its place. Today everything is allowed both in designs and colors, depends on the taste of each one and the intention of the decoration. You can look for heavy duty mats with designs and more marked colors. If you want to take beautiful rugs too, the best is the gray shaggy rugs. The important thing is to find the color and design that unifies existing elements in the living. If the budget is not very high, you can opt for a carpet of furry color that are more economical but make it the right size for your space.

Rugs always seem to be present in homes and are usually a classic and simple to use decoration object. But the question is do we really know how to choose rugs? Are we getting the most out of it? Are we taking care of it properly? Shaggy Rugs play a very important role in decoration as they accentuate the color palette, reduce the echo and most importantly, they fix the location of the furniture and define the spaces.

It is very important to define the right size of modern rugs correctly. A very small carpet will make the whole space look unbalanced. The larger the living rug, the larger space will look. Therefore, if space is not very large, the ideal is that the main sofa is at the top with the rugs or 1/3 on it and the chairs or armchairs are completely on the carpet. If that is not possible, we must try that at least 1/3 of the chairs are on it.

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