Purlin Shed Pros & Cons

Posted by Sunil Srivastava on February 22nd, 2019

Purlin is a structure in the roof also known as the crown plate. It is a rolled structural section formed using a flat sheet. Rollers are used to shape the sheet into a particular purlin shape. There are three types of purlins namely common purlin, purlin plate and principal purlin. Purlin sheds have become popular in recent times, because of low cost and durability. In the steel industry, it is used for roof framing that supports the entire sheet.

The two main types of purlins are C purlins and Z purlins. C purlins are in the shape of 'C', whereas, Z purlins are in the shape of 'Z'. A combination of C and Z purlins carve out a perfect structure for the roof. Z purlins can rotate 180 degrees making it flexible to use during constructions. Rafters or walls are used to support purlins. Roofs and walls are made from cold-formed steel or C purlins, whereas, the Z purlins are used to obtain multiple supports. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of using purlin sheds.

Pros of using purlin sheds

Ideal for small sheds – Purlin sheds are best suited for sheds that are less than 12 metres in size. They are strong enough to withhold a small size and suit all requirements. The total costs involved in manufacturing and assembling is less, thus saving on unwanted expenses.

Easy to assemble – Most purlin sheds are assembled on the site. C and Z Purlin manufacturers in Chhattisgarh use bolts and screws to join the entire structure within no time. Small sheds find it time-saving and easy to install. It saves on erection costs, thus making it an ideal option for immediate use.

Cost effective – Purlin sheds are cheaper as compared to other structures. It is best for clients looking for cost-effective, small sheds.
Cons of using purlin sheds

Strength limitations – Purlin sheds require extra bracings to make the structures tight and strong. They cannot withstand extreme weather conditions and require an apex tie at all times.

Structural limitations – Purlin sheds are not ideal for clients who plan to have machinery in the structure. It has high chances of damaging the entire unit. For example, the forklift can accidentally knock down a column resulting in heavy losses.

Safety limitations – C purlins cannot withstand extreme heat and can collapse during a fire. They do not have fire-fighting capacities. There are termed to be in danger especially when there is a fire like a scenario.

Infrastructural limitations – Purlin sheds are often screwed together using a welding machine or with the help of nuts and bolts. This does not make it sturdy as compared to other steel structures. There is a possibility of the structure being collapsed any time after construction.

Different steel frame structures have different uses. It varies from one company to the other. Prefab buildings manufacturer in Raipur looks for a cost-effective small shed that can be easy to assemble. It is an individual choice that has to be made keeping in mind various factors affecting the future of the structure. Purlin sheds can be beneficial for many, provided it is used as per its capacity.

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