Tips on How to Choose the Best Tyres for Your Car

Posted by Nabin Shaw on February 22nd, 2019

If you think buying a tyre is easy, then you are wrong. Finding the right tyres for your car can be difficult. Purchasing the wrong ones and you will sacrifice the car’s performance and its ability to tackle any weather. Since the tyres of your vehicle need to be replaced every three or four years before you head to a tyre shop Melbourne, here are some things you need to know about tyres.

Types of Car

Most car tyres fall into three categories according to Soroush Tyres, a prominent tyre shop in Melbourne. Many people buy the all-season kind of tyres because it is cheaper and more comfortable than purchasing a full set for the summer and another for the winter. All season tyres can deliver an excellent and well-rounded performance but not very outstanding.

Summer tyres can deliver excellent performance on handling and dry/wet braking, however, they have poor snow traction. On the other hand, winter tyres have excellent snow traction but with good ability to brake on cleared roads. In each of the types of tyres, they have a difference in the range of performance, and no one tyre is outstanding in all conditions.

Same Brand or New Brand

When buying car tyres, most customers of Soroush Tyres opt for the same ones that came with the car especially if the owner likes the way the car rides and handles. The reason for this is because these tyres were designed specifically for the vehicle. However, if you want your car to change its ride characteristics, you can do more research and find the one that suits the performance you want from your vehicle.

Tyre Size

If you want to know the right tyre size for your car, you can look on the driver’s side door. The strings of numbers and letters denote the height, tyre width, and its diameter. Keep this size in mind when you are in a tyre shop Melbourne. You should get the same size if you are looking for a new set of tyres.

Handling and Comfort

The tyres define the personality of your vehicle. When choosing on a new set of tyres, you should pick them not only the right size bit also optimized the car’s handling and braking ability. It should also search for tyres that reduce road noise and can provide a comfortable ride. There are only a few numbers of tyre brands that are developed specifically for your car. They are made to achieve the quietness, ride, and handling that makes up the car’s personality.


You don’t have to wait until your tyres are dangerously worn before you replace them. There are few tests that you can do to know whether you need to go to a tyre shop Melbourne soon or not. In any case, starting early will give you plenty of time to research tyres and shop the best. If you are thinking of switching brands, make sure to check the tyre’s ratings, maximum tread life, and all-weather grip.

In Melbourne, there is only one shop to go to when you are shopping for new tyres, Soroush Tyres. They have a wide array of choices for your car.

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