How Digital Marketing is More Effective than Conventional Marketing

Posted by CONTENTHOLIC on February 22nd, 2019

Starters or small businesses often confuse with the tactics and platform, as their pocket do not allow stretching to a larger angle. While some go for traditional marketing and some opt for digital marketing as they don’t really understand what would suit their respective businesses. To clarify your dilemma, we are present with our useful guide which will educate you about the benefits of digital marketing and why it more effective than traditional marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

It refers to the convention marketing which is used ever since the word ‘advertising’ come into existence such as newspaper, television, radio, billboards, magazine ads, etc.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the new age marketing techniques which tremendously worth for online marketers by employing the array of digital methodology to impress Google and also fit into the audience’s fondness. It promotes the brand by giving them the exposure to reach a wide customer base. It includes, business networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email marketing, Paid pop-up ads, Blogs, and many more. If you are completely new to the digital marketing world and seeking help regarding your newly designed website, then contact one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi and make your mark in the crowd.

The benefits of digital marketing over conventional marketing:

  1. Higher exposure

Now, you can’t claim that newspaper and televisions can reach the audience to a larger extent as they prove effective only for a certain area of population of a region. On the other hand, digital marketing has the caliber to reach out to a widespread population. With Google Analytics and insight tool, one can check his/her status any time and this makes things easier for marketers

  1. Higher engagement

With traditional means of marketing, you do not have the facility to interact with the audience. Marketers have to wait out for the audience’s response and thus, they don’t allow planning their next step. Digital marketing understands the efficiency of communication in online business and thus, audiences have given a choice to in or out of the communication and engagement is what make brand credible among masses.

  1. Faster publicity

Marketers don’t have to wait weeks for a boost to the business, this real-time result moves towards publicity of brand. Digital marketing is a tool which creates awareness about the brand to the larger audience. A well-maintained website with quality content, that add value to your online personality, can provide significant value and lead generation opportunities.

  1. You can get the feedback from the audience

If you want to look unique in the hordes, you need to come up with exclusive and efficient and audience feedback is something which can give you popularity in real-time. It is the most encouraged thing to perform and with traditional marketing, you don’t have this option. When customers visit your website and rate your business and give you feedback, you know them and can improve.


Marketing is the aspect which business never ignores and the way you performed it is the factor which should be taken care of wisely. We live in a generation who picks up his/her mobile instead of watching television and prefer online transaction over paying cash. So, in order to reach the audience’s expectation, stay consistent with your tactics and you will gradually achieve success lane. In case you need any help, hire the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi and improve the health of your business.

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