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Posted by limmzhou on February 23rd, 2019

Conqueror, having recently got a rework, is considered among the greatest heroes in-For Honor game. Warden, on the Anthem Boosting other hand, suffers from a very basic moveset. The protagonist was actually the very first For Honor design in evolution, so this is not surprising. That said, many Twitch followers considered the match-up to become unjust. Even the commentator was recommending that One Shot choose another character for the next match-up.

Ubisoft has yet to upgrade some of the older For Honor roster. Many fans of this For Honor game consider this an unfair aspect of aggressive play. Many of the reworked (Conqueror included) and newer cast have considerably more abilities and choices.

The final stand

In the last match, 1 Shot opted to Anthem Items play with as Kensei -- a recently reworked hero -- instead of Warden. While he did considerably better against Mayco, the Conqueror still managed a victory. Utilizing his all-block stance to its fullest and timing his guard bashes, even Kensei stood no opportunity. Mayco managed to place xxone_shotxx115 off for good, solidifying his place at the charity tournament.

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