Tips and questions before bear hunting and kayaking in Ontario

Posted by keyharbourlodge1 on February 23rd, 2019

All experienced Black Bear hunters have their little tricks to make their bear hunting Ontario opportunities more enjoyable or help with their success. In case you are beginner to bear hunting you should know what you are up against. All of the hunters wish a big trophy bear and I am hoping this article brings you a little closer to that goal.

Bear hunting Ontario to the outfitter is about luring bears to a target zone for their hunting guests by baiting with food the bears like such as high-carbohydrate foods. Different breads, honey, pasta and other high starch content foods are rare in nature but it's what the bears want most so they can quickly store fat for the winter. This is also about setting up stands at strategic spots where big bears have been scouted. It is all about stealth, with the three biggest factors being sight, sound and most of all, smell.
Preparations for a hunt
It depends on what area you are hunting. If you are in British Colombia or Western Alberta, you’ll most likely be spot and stalking bears and your physical fitness and endurance becomes an important part of the preparation process. In Eastern Alberta and Eastern Canada, most hunts are baited, and I spend a good amount of time making sure our baits for spring bear hunt Ontario are in the right area.

Are bears aggressive towards humans?
Not generally. The most common types of bears I see being aggressive are sows with young cubs or wounded bears.

Why bears feel threatened or more likely become aggressive?
 If you get yourself between a sow and her cubs, the sow will feel threatened and work to eliminate the threat (you!). Low food supply is also a cause for grumpy bears. Bears will scavenge for just about anything, but if Mother Nature isn’t providing, bears are more likely to become aggressive during spring bear hunt Ontario.

Cautions to consider in a bear country?
All those who wish to hunt must be cautious in general in bear country. In case you are in bear country, bears are all around you, even if you don’t see them. There is a list of instances when we go days without seeing bears, and as soon as we put out bait, we see six or seven in a short period of time. They are always there. Search signs of bear, like scat and tracks, and always avoid sows and cubs. Most people go for kayaking Ontario and end up in an area crowded by bears.
What to do if a bear notices you?
It’s a fact a healthy bear shall almost always notice you before you notice a bear, and they will usually run in the opposite direction. These animals are more curious than anything. Let him know you are there and bears will back down.

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