Samsung Secret Code to Unlock Mobile Hidden Features

Posted by shaha on February 24th, 2019

Samsung mobile secret codes to unlock many hidden android features.      

Mobile is now favorite time pass. When we are free we start using mobile and try to find new things. Here I will provide Samsung secret code which can unlock many hidden features of Samsung android smartphone. Normally latest smartphone has custom android operating system. Cellupar carrier modifies os. And make it according to their mobile hardware and status of mobile like sim locked or unlocked mobile. For example t-mobile Oreo and at&t Oreo 8 has few different features. Similarly Samsung, lg, Motorola, huawei different features though all have same android Oreo 8.

This is one of the best mobile secret code for any android including Samsung, Xiaomi, oneplus.

Samsung secret code 1) *#*#4636#*#*. This code provide following information.

1)Phone information.

2)Battery information. Under battery information tab you will find

battery status-charging or not charging.

 Power plus – unplugged or not.

Battery level –percentage of battery charge level.

Battery scale- 100 to downfall. Battery health – good or bad.  This will very useful for mobile battery repairing.

Battery voltage, Battery temperature, technology Li-ion and uptime since boot.

Apple iPhone, iPad having ios 12 can have battery health data. And people think that android don’t have this feature. But smartphone mobile have this features since 2006. But it is hidden and it need mobile secret code  *#*#4636#*#* to unlock it. Though apple iPhone provide more detail data compare to android.

3) Usage statistics

4) Wi-Fi information.

Samsung code 2) Identify your Samsung product using *2767*4387264636#.

It happens that you paid for brand new mobile and you are given second hand mobile. For example you purchase mobile at USA.  And you are given gulf or Asian county model. To verify your product type uses below mobile code.

*2767*4387264636# this will display bellow three sell out information of cellphone.

1) Sellout sms 2) PCode:GT-I9100LKAITV 3) mode. Pcode is product code consist of 10 to 12 Alfa numeric character. First 4 t0 5 character are mobile model and last 3 to 4 character are your location country and carrier network information. For example O2U means o2 United Kingdom.  So you can easily find out Samsung galaxy or note mobile details.

Mobile Special code number 3) Other way to find product code is use software version code  *#1234#. This will give you 3 types of information AP, CP and CSC. CSC stands for Consumer software customization.  Csc will provide the product details. AP provides information about core android kernel version which runs in background. Which CP is modem baseband software version which is mainly used in cellular network communication. Like Google has developed android operating system.  But other smartphone like redmi, oppo, lg have customized operating system as per their mobile model.

Most important Samsung code 4) *2767*3855#.

Factory reset is very useful for fixing many software related problem. And unlocking mobile phone especially when you have lost your screen pattern passcode. This will unlock mobile phone but it will delete all data on android devices. If your smartphone is carrier network locked then here is how to sim network unlock Samsung galaxy.

This code is most common for factory reset.*2767*3855#. But most of the latest Samsung mobiles use *2767*2878# code for factory restore. You can also perform factory restore Samsung using hard keys. Press and hold power, home and volume up key simultaneously. This will work with all latest Samsung mobile. This includes t-mobile at&t, Verizon and Vodafone cellphones.

Secret code number 5) *or #8736364#

Over the air update or ota update is the best option for software update.  Most of the mobile brand provides ota update. But if your mobile don’t prompt for update then use this code *or #8736364#.


6) Mobile special code to Check network status *#0011#.

         May time you bought galaxy cellphone from someone. And when you call to sim carrier customer care they ask you, whether mobile is locked or unlocked. You are not sure about network lock status of mobile. Here is the code to find it. Use *#0011# code. Actually this code will take you to service mode. Within which there are network related information available. There it is written network- unblock, imei certi- pass. Imei number is very useful for mobile tracking and generating smartphone sim network unlock code. 

            Here is one tip to unlock hidden feature. You can watch Samsung TV on android mobile. Download Samsung smart thing app on your galaxy smartphone. Now open app on mobile. Tap on add device. Turn on Wi-Fi. Now you will see Samsung TV tap on it on next screen tap on 3 dots at right top corner. Now tap on view tv on phone.

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