Important Tips to Recognize Fake Car Parts

Posted by Flying Spares on February 25th, 2019

One of the biggest challenges that you come across in buying car parts is to determine whether these parts are fake or genuine. There are two types of buyers primarily. One who always insists on buying only the genuine parts and the other who prefer buying duplicate as originals cost too much. However tempting the low price may be, you should remember that the fake ones can ruin your precious cars

Given here are certain tips using which you can recognize spare parts from the genuine. However, if you have expensive cars like Bentley, you should purchase only original Bentley spares.

Check Out the Packaging:

You should read the packaging very carefully. Check how the words are being spelt there. This can give you a good clue also. The packaging can be copied exactly but the design and colors do vary slightly and you need to be careful about this.

Awkward Language:

Most of the car parts suppliers are from the non-English speaking nations so you are likely to find errors in their manuals as well as the technical documentation. There are chances of awkward English being used there.

Make Sure to Check “Made-in” Labels:

Make sure to check out the country of manufacturing that is written in a smaller font normally. You can make an online search to find out whether the country is making these parts actually or not.

Asymmetry in the Parts:

You need to look closely the parts and find out whether certain areas are symmetrical or not. If the parts have rough welding or an utterly shabby finish, they are likely to be fakes.

Designs and Colors are Different from the Originals:

Generally spare parts are made up of a number of different companies. It is not necessary for all of them to have the same pattern and color. But, the fake parts have duller colors. You can compare the parts from the images of the original parts to check out the exact differences.

Few Designs, Labels or Identification Marks Can Miss:

Most of the times spare parts are made in America and feature the manufacturing date in that format only. So, when you purchase spare parts it is important to check out the date stamp format and make sure that it is according to the US standards.

You Will Find Uncommon Packaging:

If genuine part suppliers have not informed you about any changes in their manufactured products or any changes in the packaging then it is better not to consider buying these products.

Most of the suppliers offer huge discounts only as a part of their marketing strategy. But, if supplier is offering you a good discount without any reason then you should be very careful. It is good for you to buy original Bentley Parts when you have luxurious cars like Bentley.

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