Pool cleaning technology with Pentair Robotic Pool Cleaner

Posted by John Smith on February 25th, 2019

Pentair Robotic Pool Cleaner comes fully autonomous. They require an electrical connection and are independent of the filtration system of the pool which means that their performance does not depend on the power of our filtration pump. In addition, the dirt is retained in the internal filter itself, which prevents it from being returned to the filtration circuit and has to be retained by the filter, as happens with the hydraulics.

Displacement with rollers wheels or tracks. Each manufacturer is committed to different solutions, seeking to maximize the grip capacity of the robot.

Zodiac Pressure Side Pool Cleaner has pre-programmed cleaning cycles, which vary depending on the model.

Filtration. The collected dirt accumulates in the cartridge or filter bag, which must be emptied and washed periodically. The cartridge is easier to clean than the bag.

Traction motors. The highest ranges of robot cleaner have double traction motor, which allows them to turn on themselves, providing greater maneuverability and ability to cover the pool regardless of shape, inclination, etc.

Remote control / remote control. The feature included in the most exclusive cleaners can be useful to force the robot to go through areas that interest us, without waiting for the automatic cycle.

Hydraulic cleaners (suction). They are easily installed in the pool's own filtration system (suction outlet or skimmer) and use the energy generated by the pump to operate. They capture the waste through the suction effect, which is retained in the pre-filter of the pump or, if they are smaller, in the sand treatment plant.

Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner are more affordable than electric robots and do not consume additional energy, but their use may involve more hours of filtration and more filter washes.

Its performance and effectiveness depend on the power of the installed filter pump. Remember to review the specifications where we detail the minimum power for all equipment.

They do not have the software or the capacity to scan the pool, so their operation is completely random.

Pressure cleaners: Less popular and hand in hand with Polaris, these cleaners require an exclusive additional pressure pump as an energy source. They are equipped with filter bags that retain solid impurities, preventing them from reaching the pre-filter of the pump. They are effective, but they are expensive due to their installation requirements.

Integrated pool cleaners: Integrated pool cleaners work as pop-up sprinklers that rise out of the bottom of the pool and remove debris. They are an interesting option, although it is necessary to plan them at the moment of constructing the pool by the connections and pipes that its installation implies.

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