Benefits of Pentair Intellibrite White LED Pool Light

Posted by John Smith on February 25th, 2019

If you believed that the light-emitting diode lighting, better known as Pentair Intellibrite White LED Pool Light had limits on your installation, you are very wrong. This type of light bulbs has the particularity of being able to be installed in the places you can least imagine, even in pools, providing spectacular lighting designs, even adding programmed color as you require.

For a long time, the type of lighting for swimming pools was exclusive of halogen spotlights. But as in many aspects of life, in whichever you propose, technology has taken up spaces like pools where the LED has become the protagonist in those nocturnal encounters in front of that peaceful and crystalline water. But there is more than one reason, which is not exactly aesthetic so this lighting system is the ideal.

Low consumption:

The low energy consumption of Pentair Intellibrite White LED Pool Light allows significant energy savings, so you can play and design at your leisure without worrying about the electricity

They are cold lights:

The LED lighting is known as cold lighting because it does not emit heat which makes it easy to handle while being lit in a pool, avoiding the danger of a burn by being near them.

Optimum lighting:

The power and clarity of LED lighting are undoubtedly one of the great advantages for swimming pools and features that provide better and greater lighting spaces, without becoming annoying.


Its durability is one of the great advantages of LED lighting next to halogen lighting, even when in a pool because they are designed with better quality to withstand those extreme conditions underwater or around them.

Your installation

According to the models of bulbs and Pentair Intellibrite Colour LED Pool Light will be the best alternative in installation for swimming pools. In the market, there are fixed or movable LEDs. If you decide to put them in, it will not be a difficult task to perform.

Design your lighting:

In swimming pools LED lighting came to provide dynamism and design options to adapt that space according to the time or event. Even many of these systems can be manipulated via remote control.


It is very important that when placing LED lighting in your pool, you should take into account that both children and adults will make the water creative and some strong movements can cause them to hit the lighting lamps. The great advantage is that this lighting whatever the design is very resistant.


Taking into account that they are of low energy consumption, the LED lighting was necessary and designed in the beginning to give that support to the environment, because the halogen lights were contributing important wear to our ozone layer, for being one of the most important elements of man's use.

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