Why Dubai business seeks sliding and folding doors

Posted by Hayat on February 25th, 2019

A sliding door is a kind of door that is being opened and closed by rolling horizontally across a track that may be parallel to a wall. They are used as screen doors in a bath room, wardrobe doors as a screen doors. There are different types of sliding doors. They are pocket doors, arcadia doors and bypass doors. Folding doors are the types of doors that get opened by folding back in sections or so called panels. They are also known as bi fold doors


Sliding doors are the modernized version of doors that adds aesthetic beauty and an elegance touch to the outdoor or indoor area where it is fitted. It can occupy the space of walls and act as windows and doors simultaneously. Businesses are growing and adopt new appearances that make them look better both interior and exterior. They are visually appealing and welcome customers thus. They are proven to be customer friendly. Sliding glass doors are easy to open and close. It is easy to open and close for old aged people who carries luggage or other people coming to shop or showroom with babies on their hand. There are automatic sliding doors to that detect human motion and make the entry of people smooth. 

Cost advantages

Slamming and pushing effects of effects of traditional doors will be eliminated here. Thus the maintenance and repairing cost is saved. They are less prone to damage compared to the ordinary doors which often have contact. They are environmental friendly and increase visibility and allow light to pass on to indoor premises saving energy cost at end of the day.  


Sliding doors can be made out of glass, wood or metal sheet. We could choose our own unique design or pattern in them. It could be cut into specific size of our choice. Glass doors can be tinted. Wooden doors can be carved with interesting design on it or it could have glass panels, and those glass panels can be of custom shapes or different colors. Folding doors also can be custom made. Whether one prefer a frosted glass or simply just the solid wood option, these doors are a great idea for anyone.


Security designed in the doors aims at preventing the doors both fixed and sliding lifted off from their rails. Anti-lift blocks can be fixed to the top of the frame to avoid lifting. So unauthorized entry to the room is blocked while the sliding door is in closed position. A portable security bar can also be installed from inside the room to prevent sliding action when door is closed position. This adds the security when we are away to the shop or office preventing intruders.

Dubai has already moved to sliding doors. The businesses there are never on a lag to update themselves. If you are uncertain about who to choose see one of the finest dealers of Sliding and folding doors in Dubai, Hayat by Technal.

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