Safe Practices for Selling my Car Online for More Profit

Posted by Emily Patel on February 25th, 2019

Selling my car online was one of the memorable experiences for me that helped me to understand the car market, selling and buying a used car. More profit is what every car owner expects when selling a used car. That could be possible if sellers know where to sell a used car and how they can have more profit from the car sales.

Most of the car sellers are looking forward for selling an car online as this is considered to be a free method and easy too. While safety of the seller and more profit should never be neglected when selling a used car. The process whether selling a car online or to a third party includes knowing the resale value of a used car and finding its estimated value. The condition of a car and its performance are some of the factors which can contribute for knowing the value of a used car. Car sellers can get their car physically inspected for the purpose as this is one of the essential steps in setting an asking price for the vehicle.

Here are some tips that can help sellers to increase the price of a used car instantly and for help to get more profit from the sale.

Enhance the Car Condition for More Profit

The car condition and presentation matters a lot at the time of resale. Any vehicle that is not prepared to be sold gets a low resale value and it is hard to find a buyer for such a vehicle. Getting your car serviced, small fixes and detailing enhances the condition of your car. It will help to enhance its appearance and attract serious potential buyers to buy that particular vehicle.

Car Modifications Can Reduce Value of a Used Car

The aftermarket options are always not very paying off for the vehicles at the time of resale. When I want to sell my car for cash today, it must be ensured by me to know about the modifications which have lowered the value of my car. The personalization like stereo speakers, oversized wheels or rear spoilers may add value to the car but will lower its resale value. Whereas, the performance modifications can enhance the value of your car. If you want to sell your car quickly, avoid getting any fancy aftermarket modifications for your car.

Online Classified Websites to Sell Car for Free Online

Once you have set the value of your car, ready to sell it, then choose the car selling website which is appropriate for a seller. Take high-quality photos of your vehicle from all sides and present it in the advertisement. Put all necessary details in the advertisement so that potential buyers can find the information which is needed to be known.

Finalizing the Deal

Once the ad goes live, buyers would be able to see your car advertisement and start contacting you. Sellers must recheck and assure whether the buyer is serious or a time waster, and handle every person humbly and politely. They must also be aware of fake buyers and frauds and asses the buyer through conversation and upon meeting ensure their safety too.

When a buyer checks your vehicle, be honest with them and this way you can get more cash for your car. When you sell your car for cash, it is necessary to be honest with the seller as it would harm your reputation and can later cause more troubles.


The classified websites are one of the method to sell a car for free online, while there are a few other platforms to know the price of a used car by many ways. This include car buying expert websites which help to sell a car for free regardless of its condition. These companies have hired professionals who do all the post-sales paperwork and can even buy a bank leased car which normally cannot be sold in the UAE.

As the classified websites require all the efforts and hassles by the sellers, car buying companies are an opposite of it. Car owners will not be required to do any effort except checking the value of a used car online, booking an appointment and visiting the branch nearest to them. Once they have reached the branch, they could just sit back and relax, while everything will be managed by the professional there. He will physically inspect the car and test drive to see the performance of vehicle and quote a price within 30 minutes. Rest is managed by the company if seller agrees to the offer and the seller would not have to do any effort.

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