How Remanufactured Fuel Injectors are Saving the World- One Step at a Time

Posted by Justin Roy on February 25th, 2019

With the world’s attention on the emission of remaining fuel particles, exhausts, and fumes not properly consumed and combusted during the process of combustion, remanufactured diesel fuel injectors offer a breath of relief. Not just it offers oxygen for complete combustion of the fuel leaving no exhaust particle to reach the air and environment, but also offers a green solution to the burgeoning electrical components piling up the surface of the earth and oceans.

Remanufacturing the parts and components of fuel injectors keep them away from the landfills and on the roads till the time they could be reused and then used again. Whenever remanufacturing of fuel injector components is done, it’s critical to have the technological know-how and expertise in ensuring all components meet the requirements and specifications. The remanufactured diesel fuel injectors have to provide optimal engine performance. The Big Dawg Diesel and Surplus wholesale distribution, all parts and fuel injectors are accessed from wholesale distributors. It has over 33 years of experience and expertise in doing it.

The remanufactured fuel injectors are viable for light, medium, and heavy-duty for trucks and fleet vehicles of various brands such as Navistar, Chevy GMC, Ford, and Dodge. The fuel injectors that are accessed essentially go through a standardized process of components being disassembled, quality assessed, cleaned, and examined for their proper functioning. All poor functioning and worn-out parts are replaced with new and proper functioning components so that the fuel injectors come true on the engine performance.

There are a lot of functions that a fuel injector does and Big Dawg ensures the remanufactured fuel injectors are as good as the new ones. All parts are tested for their compliance in injection pressure, timely fuel delivery, and maintenance and supply of oxygen. The surface lapping of each part is done through pressure sealing of various sub-assemblies. Not limited to this, remanufactured parts have to be also tested for actuator assembly and rings. The remanufactured fuel injector follow the same calibration like fit, function, and form as the new ones and comes with great warranties so that the engine’s life never fails while offering greater horsepower to every truck traversing the road.

Big Dawg is looking to bring in and support the ongoing environmentalprotectioninitiatives and leading the technological revolution for the same. The sourced fuel injectors, engine performance parts, and everything in between come through from design experience and equipment engineering capabilities to match the highest standards in the world. The remanufactured parts are tested for their efficiency and performance at 100% to ensure superior-quality services that make a change not just in the life of vehicle owners, engine enthusiasts, and environmental activists, but also the people in general.

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