How Chiropractic Physical Therapy Helps To In Different Physical Condition

Posted by lsmchiropractic on February 25th, 2019

In chiropractic, the practitioner believes that the body has the self healing capabilities and through the manipulation and physical therapies. The central nervous system where the tension and pressure can build up is the main section generates the problems of the body.  And when you integrate physical therapy with chiropractic practice, it will augment the healing process. The Chiropractor Physical Therapy specialist will work to strengthen the joints and spinal column. The therapist finds out the weakness of the joints and spine of the whole body and perform the whole process accordingly.

There are a few problems are which can be treated by Chiropractor Physical Therapy. Find the physical conditions here:

Lower Back Pain: It has been already seen that the acute patient of lower back pain gets immense benefits from Chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy. The Chiropractor Physical Therapy specialist will work on the spinal column to reduce the inflammation of the lumbar spine. Then the patients will be prescribed a few exercises to stabilize the lower back muscles. Within 5 weeks the condition will be reduced drastically and the body will feel better and stronger.

Neck Pain: Most of the time neck pain is caused due to the posture and external stress on the spinal cord and muscles around it. The Chiropractic physical therapy is given to take off the pressure from the head and cervical spine and improve the posture of the neck, head, shoulder and back.

Shoulder Pain: If the rotator cuff muscle does not work properly, then the shoulder may have stiffness, inflammation and pain. To reduce the inflammation and pain, the Chiropractor Physical Therapy specialist will combine the passive therapies to strengthen the rotator cuff muscle. Most of the cases, it will take 6 weeks to completely heal the shoulder pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Headache: There are many external reasons known as triggers to cause acute headache. The Chiropractor does spinal manipulation to improve its functions and reduce headache. Other than that, the patient may be advised to change in posture, exercises and relaxation.
Knee pain: The therapist needs to provide passive therapy to treat the inflammation and pain in the knee. After successful adjustment and physical therapy, when the patient gets relief, then the Chiropractor prescribes exercises to stabilize the joints. It will take around 4 weeks to get an effective result in Chiropractic physical therapy.      

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