bangladesh plane hijacker shot dead by special forces

Posted by heraldspot on February 25th, 2019

Bangladesh News :Once again the plane Hijack was tried. Sunday's attempt to hijack the plane has been foiled in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi commandos killed an armed abductor trying unsuccessfully to kidnap an aircraft to go to Dubai. After the pilot attempted Hijack, emergency landing was done at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong. There were 148 passengers on the plane.

The abductor Mahadi had refused to surrender, due to which the commandos had to take action (firing) which lasted for eight minutes. Major General Mati-ur-Rehman told that the gunman was killed.According to officials of the directors and the airport, the plane was going to Dhaka from Dubai to Chittagong. On Sunday evening, around 5:40 pm, it was landed at the Chittagong Airport, which had 145 passengers on board.

They told that the kidnapper had a gun. Rahman further said that when the special force was getting ready for the action of army, navy and police, then the kidnapper was entangled in his talks. He was constantly speaking to speak to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. They also said that it would be examined how he flew into the aircraft with arms and explosives.