Advanced Materials Research Report, Breakdown data by Type, Application

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The following research report is a compilation of high-end data that has been researched thoroughly to highlight the various trends prevailing across the Advanced Materials market. This study is titled 2018 “Advanced Materials” Research Review, which carefully examines several vital factors such as market share, market revenue, market dynamics and competitive scenario active in the target market for the period between 2017- 2028 .

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Report Scope

The term "advanced materials" refers to all new materials or modified materials that demonstrate superior performance for a critical application under consideration. General materials with existing features are sometimes not suitable for certain critical applications, as a result manufacturer focus on research and development (R&D) to develop new and improved versions of the materials which are defined as advanced materials.

Smart glass, coated flat glass, industrial ceramics, super strength fibers, metamaterials and biodegradable materials are some of the examples of advanced materials available in the market. Advanced materials are deeply integrated in and partially defined by the applications they serve. By necessity, their story changes over time and alongside their applications fluctuating fortunes. But trends and common threads do emerge and can be useful to understand.

Innovative applications of advanced materials in various end-use industries are leading to rise in demand of these materials. For example if we consider coated flat glass, the product is used for applications in construction industry, automotive industry and solar glass industry. In construction industry coated flat glass is used for solar control efficiency and other applications, due to the excellent insulation properties of the product. Fire resistance, abrasion and impact-resistance, weather and natural disaster resistance and high-quality manufacturing will sustain the demand for flat glass in the architectural sector over the next five years. Another advanced material, metamaterials is used for
applications in automotive radar, airborne antennas, satellite antennas, wireless communications, medical imaging, etc. Metamaterials can manipulate electromagnetic radiation (e.g., light) in ways not readily observed in nature. In this research review, there are many other such advanced materials which are developed for specific applications and end-use industries are discussed.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Foreword

Chapter 2 Molten Salt Reactors: Opportunity and Global Markets (AVM159A)
Reasons for Doing This Study
Scope of Report
Research Methodology
Intended Audience
Information Sources
Regional Breakdown
Analysts Credentials
BCC Custom Research
Related BCC Research Reports 
Summary and Highlights
Market and Technology Background
Market Definition and Evolution of Molten Salt Reactors
Future Outlook and Expectations
Countries Producing Electricity from Renewable Resources
Market Dynamics

Market Breakdown by Nuclear Fuel Type
Key Developments
Safety and Security
Sustainability and Resources
Mass Production
Produces Less Long-Lived Waste

Chapter 3 Metamaterials: Technologies and Global Markets (AVM067E)
Study Goals and Objectives
Reasons for Doing This Study
Scope of Report
Information Sources
Geographic Breakdown
Analysts Credentials
Related BCC Research Reports
Summary and Highlights
Market and Technology Background
General Description of Metamaterials
Types and Applications of Metamaterials
Overall Market Size and Segmentation

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