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Posted by Kim Grandwell Philips on February 25th, 2019

Harmonizing Automated employee management and worker’s unions

The role of employee management system and Companies managers may be conflicting by virtue of their mission statement and goals. Employee management system the organization is an automated system with a neutral stand in the ongoing crisis. Their aim is to offer humanitarian assistance to victim of lateness from both sides. The neutrality of Staff management restricts it from taking any side or stand. The mission is to ensure that all human receive fair chance of receiving medical and humanitarian service.

A major challenge facing HR managers is the lack of proper attendance applications that has affected even the management who lacks professionalism and enough experience. It also has limited resources, which hinder efficiency in service deliverability. After the technology, civil societies have become more vocal in utilizing the freedom of speech and conducting sensitization of individuals. The civil societies that emerged were zealous in enhancing “volunteer spirit” through mobilization and education effort (Foundation for the Future, 2011.p.10).

For the employee unions and Societies, their mission is entirely different since it seeks new governance and good engagement of employees with managers. They can take stand and vocalize the sentiments of the employees that they can change that will help stop lateness. Apart from their involvement in political matters, the LCS has interest in humanitarian services through which it help to mobilize for assistance to facilitate service provided by Non Human resource managers Organization. For civil society, there is need for public office to accept accountability and for this reason they can vocalized their dissatisfaction when they witness bad governance that increase rift between communities. Their function may also take a neutral approach especially when dealing with civil education amongst the citizen. They focus their neutrality with higher purpose of achieving peace.

Through a collaboration effort, managers can benefit from education and motivation talks. One of the sentiments from the interview conducted showed a number of individuals suggesting collaborating of hr managers with other organization. The collaboration will help share employee management experience and skills, which companies and management and staff can emulate to increase efficiency in humanitarian service delivery.  The volunteer within the civil society can equally offer human resource help to automate attendance management, which will help, reduce the burden of hefty workload.  The Civil Society has mastery in mobilization and its collaboration with an employee can assist it to mobilize for aid/charity from foreign bodies

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