3 Myths About Frozen Food

Posted by Jules Arkley on February 26th, 2019


The prestige of frozen food or frozen processed food is increasingly increasing, because frozen food is considered to increasingly facilitate the work of mothers in cooking and preparing food for the family. However, not a few myths that appear in the community related to frozen food that sometimes provide influence so many people become worried when taking it. Then what are actually the frozen food myths circulating in the community? Here are some of the reviews:

The nutritional content of frozen food is not as good as fresh food

One of the most frequently heard myths related to frozen food is about the nutritional and nutritional content that is considered not as good as fresh food that does not go through the freezing process. This is a false assumption. The right food freezing technique can actually maintain the nutrients and nutrient content in it so that it can remain optimal even if it is stored for a long time. Therefore, if frozen food consists of quality ingredients and processed hygienically, of course the nutritional quality of frozen food will not be inferior to food or fresh food ingredients.

On the other hand, even fresh food or food ingredients often do not have maximum nutrition because they are picked before the time is ripe. This is often done so that during distribution or when sold does not experience decay because it is too ripe. For those of you who are looking for a recommendation for frozen food that is healthy, tasty, quality and has competitive prices, you can try various processed seafood products from Ardena Food (Produsen Frozen Food Terpercaya).

Can freeze any food indefinitely

Some other myths that circulate one of them is that any food can be frozen. When viewed in terms of security, this is not wrong. However, when talking about aspects of texture, quality, to taste, of course there are several types of foods that cannot be made frozen food. Examples are vegetables such as lettuce, sauce or cream that can reduce quality and taste because they break when frozen, and coffee drinks, where the oil inside can be damaged if freezing is done.
Not only that, many people also think that frozen food can be stored for anything without time limit. This is certainly a wrong opinion. Every food frozen into frozen food still has the best storage period. This difference in the duration of storage usually depends on the type of food. For foods - processed foods, cooked soups or side dishes, the storage time in the freezer is about 2-3 months. While for raw foods or dough, can be stored in the freezer in the range of 9-12 months. In order for the quality of food to be maintained as long as it is stored, you also need to ensure that the food has been wrapped tightly.

Buy quality frozen food

Frozen food certainly can be a practical food that can be a quick and easy cooking solution, especially if the mothers are working moms who must immediately get ready to go to office, without ignoring the need for breakfast for the family. But, so that the health and quality of frozen food that you use is guaranteed, you need to sort out which frozen food has better quality.
One of the best quality frozen foods or processed frozen foods in Indonesia is Ardena. Ardena is one of the pioneers of quality frozen food that focuses on providing a variety of processed seafood. In addition to using quality raw materials, the entire processing of Ardena products uses high technology, good procedures and is handled by a team that is skilled in their fields, so as to produce processed products that are high taste, healthy, nutritious, and easy to serve. Some frozen food products from Ardena include: Fish Ball, Scallop Fish, Fish Roll, Fish Crabroll, and others.

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