Development of functional phone cases

Posted by casetides on February 26th, 2019

Regarding the game phone case, as we know, this game phone case can not talk about the technical content, just integrated a conventional handheld phone game on the regular mobile phone shell after 90 games. It's an old-fashioned game console that can code Tetris, fight tanks, and eat snakes. This kind of game console has long since withdrawn from the tide of the times, but now it can be said that it is incredible to be able to fire on the funny iphone cases, also, this may be just the beginning.

Speaking the Tetris and snakes of funny iphone cases, the impression in our minds is classic and retro. In today's smart phone era, such classic retro is outdated, so such a game machine is difficult to have a market. But when it appears as a subsidiary element of the phone case, classic and retro become a symbol of personalization. And this has become one of the biggest marketing points for game phone cases sellers.

From the macro perspective of the market, the phone cases market is hard to die, unless the future smart phone is greatly deformed, or like King Kong will not broken, or every function can be turned into a realm.

From the microscopic point of view of the product, the phone case will develop in three more extreme directions - 1, stronger protection performance; 2, more to meet the individual needs of the design; 3, more professional function assistance and extension.

In my personal opinion, I am more looking forward to the development of functional phone cases. Another example is the use of game phones: general professional game devices have two major elements: strong performance; cool appearance. The concept of a game phone wants to go deeper and you can't get around these two elements. The peak performance of the high-end processor of the mobile phone and can satisfy most of the game needs of the mobile phone, but the continuous cooling is a big problem; how to make the phone cool is also necessary to think about it.

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As for why the popular iphone cases will develop in these three directions, the truth is also obvious: the protection of love machine is just needed; the personality shows the market; the function is extended to meet the growing demand of geeks.

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