8 Supplies Every Office Should Always Have

Posted by edwardjohnson on February 26th, 2019


Efficiency is king when it comes to offices and workplaces. It is always a great idea to keep the office employees' efficiency on check. There are a lot of ways to help employers achieve efficiency and carry on with their jobs every day. Even small things like having the right office supplies available add up to their efficiency and raise their productivity.

An office desk is where office employees spend most of their time working. Providing each department with essential office supplies is one of the best small things an employer can do to assist their employees in working with everyday tasks. Here are the eight office supplies every office should have in order for it to become a nicer area to work.

1. Mugs and Drinkware

Mugs and drinkware are an essential part of office culture. These can be used to drink any beverages like coffee, water, and even juice to refresh. A lot of offices provides a kitchen and let their employees use the space with their own mugs and drinkware. However, it would be more appreciated if these supplies are provided too. For an added appreciation, a sublimation coffee mug, or mugs that are used for customization can are available in shops like Coastal Business Supplies.

2. Coffee Packs, Creamer and Sugar

Offices are not complete when there is no caffeine to make employees awake and more focused. However, just like in a school, an office workplace is full of different kind of people with different kind of tastes. More options for coffee drinkers means more ways to enjoy their early morning or early afternoon work.

3. Scissors, Cutters, and Rubber Bands

These are all useful for organizing files, opening packages, and other office uses. One scissor or cutter is enough, as these two doesn't need replacement quite often. However, expect the rubber bands to be used quickly in joining a lot of papers and other documents.

4. Pens, Pencils, and Erasers

Pens, pencils, and erasers are still relevant even after the digitalization of documents became more common. For office workers, it is always easier to work with papers and pencils when making a design or making a computation. Pencils are used for verifying documents and recomputations alongside erasers. And pens are still the number one tool for signing papers.

5. Candy, Mints, Nuts, and Other Snacks

Studies show that eating nuts can increase someone's focus while working. Meanwhile, candy, mint, and chocolate are known to give refreshment instantly. Having them available in the office is a way to help people become more comfortable during their time while working. It also helps in retaining their focus without making a lot of mess in the table.

6. Tissues and Hand Sanitizers

Tissues and hand sanitizers are must-haves in office spaces because of their usages in a lot of things. Did someone spill a coffee on their table or accidentally pour their cups on their chairs? Tissues and hand sanitizers are quick to fix for accidents like this.

7. Clips

Clips are good for binding things together and to avoid making a mess out of papers and documents. Paper clips are for a handful of documents that need to clumped together. Binder clips are good for thick and heavy papers that need to stick together. Even though folders, binders, and envelopes can be used, clips are still a better option for tidying up.

8. Printers and Copy Machines

Printers and copy machines are still one of the most important assets in the office. Their usage has been reduced because of the recent changes in workplace models and the advancement of technology. However, important document copies are still better in physical form. It provides accountability for officers and improves cooperation when it comes to face to face work and meetings. 

In addition, there a lot of custom type documents that can only be viewed properly and comfortably with paper. These type of documents are common in engineering and architecture firms, where a wide viewing angle is needed. Floor plans and other critical models are often printed because these documents cannot be viewed comfortably in computer screens, tablets, or mobile devices because of its small screens. Nobody wants to scroll forever to read a long Excel report.  Although digital documents are easier to modify and access, printed materials are overall easier to work with. 


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