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Posted by advancetech on February 26th, 2019

In an effort to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions within our environment, policymakers have encouraged and/or mandated that electronics manufacturers change from alcohol-based VOC containing fluxes to water-based VOC-free flux alternatives. As a result, the use of VOC-free fluxes is growing throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

The VOC-free flux in the soldering process and their impact on testing is high and product reliability is among best. These factors include; the effect of varying types of acids used in flux formulations and their impact on Ion Chromatography (IC) and Surface Insulation Resistivity (SIR) test results and weak organic acids (WOA) solubility and their influence on the electrical integrity of assemblies. This paper shall provide valuable insight into the outcome of acid-solvent interactions.

The transition to the VOC-free flux from alcohol-based fluxes can be a challenge and may require several changes in the assembly process. Compounding these challenges is the increased use of lead-free alloys with the looming expiration of the RoHS exemptions. Additional pressure has been placed on solder flux manufacturers to meet the newer, more restrictive ionic test requirements and updated SIR test criteria. AIM Product Development Group's study consisted of using several organic acids, each individually incorporated into both a generic VOC-free and a generic alcohol flux base. 

Half the test boards were sent out for IC testing per IPC-TM-650 2.3.28 to determine the level of WOA. The other half were sent for SIR testing per IPC The fluxes were also run on a wetting balance to determine solderability differences. The test results of the alcohol-based fluxes were not included in this study.

The successful implementation of VOC free flux technology requires some process modification for most of the existing wave soldering equipment. An increased air flow across the circuit boards is needed to drive off most of the water present in VOC-free fluxes. The purpose of this paper has been to present a modification that can be installed onto existing equipment to help drive off the excess water. The suggested network of tubing is easy to assemble and easy to retrofit onto existing equipment.

The VOC-free flux is of highest industry standards while maintaining a perfect price range is what all the is dedicated about.

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