Smart Ways for Selling My Car Online at a Good Price

Posted by Tom Harding on February 27th, 2019

Selling my car online at a good price was the main motive when I decided to sell out my used car for cash. The used car selling process all over the world is different and totally depends on the authorities what standards they have set. Similarly, in the UAE, the car selling process is slightly different from other places in the world. Sellers cannot advertise their vehicle publically, like putting “For Sale” board on the car. They are required to put a proper advertisement in the newspaper, social media platforms or classified websites.

The purpose of setting rules and regulations to sell a used car is mainly for the safety and convenience of the sellers. However, many online platforms are available for used car sellers to sell a car for more profit. While the only thing car owners are required to do is to check and asses their needs to sell a used car which is suitable for them. Car experts have advised sellers to know about the selling process and do your research before putting a car on sale. Though there are many online platforms available for sellers to that easily and without any hassle.

Here are some smart ways to sell a car depending on your needs and how much time you can spend on this task.

Checking Resale Value of a Used Car

Before I planned to sell my car for free and decided the car selling method, the foremost thing was to check the value of my car to sell it at a good price. A justified price tag is the biggest attraction for car buyers, as if they are not aware of the selling price, they might fail to find a buyer for the car. Same is the case when you have undervalued the vehicle, the seller will not only lose a good profit margin but this could also put their car to sell in risk.

From online car value calculators to comparison from classified websites, many online methods are available to know about the market trends and resale value of a used car. The online car value estimation tool is the easiest and safe way to do that, as sellers who have no time to go out in the market find it the best way to do that. All they have to do is to log on to a value estimation tool, enter the details of their vehicle and they will get a quote of their car.

Online Car Selling Ways

The modern times have introduced people with technology which has benefitted the sellers in many ways. For instance, car sellers can opt between selling a car privately or through a third party can find safe and free online car selling methods. Here both of these are elaborated with their pros and cons.

Online Classified Websites

Classified websites are a quick and easy way to sell a car if you have understood the market and its trends. For instance, sellers who have sold their car before or understood the market can simply sell a used car by posting it on the website with good pictures and detail description. Buyers would start contacting them and there they can fix the deal once found the right buyer.

It is easy if you know how to deal with buyers, finalizing the deal safely or have some knowledge of the selling process. Profit margin is high in this method as there is no third party mediation, but the amount of hassle, effort, and risk is also high.

Car Buying Companies

There are many reputed and authorized car buying companies in the UAE who can buy your car under 30 minutes and guarantee a sale too. As when selling the car privately there could be chances that you do not find a suitable buyer. While, car buying expert companies are a great way and sellers who have no knowledge of the market, lack time and energy to do all the effort, or has a bank financed or accidental non-runner car, can simply avail the services. As sellers who have no knowledge of the market can find this way a great way to do that.

The process includes checking the resale value of a used car by using online car value calculators and booking a free appointment once and estimation is given. Take the car to the branch and just sit back and relax, rest of the process will be managed by a car expert, who will physically inspect the car and quote a final price under 30 minutes.

The guaranteed sale and convenience attached to this method makes it an appropriate and safe way to sell a car. The price quoted is according to the market trends and gives the convenience to the seller for selling it without any hassle. Once a seller has sold the car, they can leave the car, key and documents and amount will be paid to them, also, post-sales paperwork will be managed by the buyers and sellers will not be required to do any effort.

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