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What is The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Electrical Installation

Posted by RitaHPeterson on February 27th, 2019

We can say that electricity flows like a river. And if not properly channeled then it can otherwise cause a great deal of damage to the home. We also need to see that this particular steam of power can be particularly controlled if it comes into your property. It has been seen that the electrical panel must not contain as well as distribute the electricity to your property in a very significant way.

We generally need to see that the electrical panel will not be distributing the electricity to your property. We would need to see how this stream of power can be controlled when it particularly comes to ensure that your electrical system is neither overloaded as well as underpowered in any way. There are different types of buildings which may be requiring different electrical loads for the purpose of operation as needed.

Thus, when it comes to the commercial electrical installation then there are some of the key difference between residential as well as commercial buildings of which one should take note of it.

Types of Wiring Used

There is no doubt about the fact that the first difference between the residential as well as the electrical installation which has to particularly do with the type of wiring which is specifically used for every kind of building. It has been seen that the residential homes are having a specific type of wiring which has been used for plastic sheathing specifically around the narrow wires.

It is important for the purpose of particularly protecting the wiring and surrounding the materials because of the residential wiring is often placed in certain locations which are specifically like an attic space. This is one of the key difference between commercial and residential electrical installation.

Phases of Power

It is important to pay heed to the fact that the commercial buildings draw a considerable amount of power as compared to the residential buildings. And to specifically ensure the fact that all types of buildings use a single-phase power whereas the commercial buildings use three-phase power.

And it is also quite vital as well as necessary to see that it is an everyday part of the lives of the people. And when installed properly then an electrical system will be:

  • Powering key appliances like a fridge, TV, and computers as well
  • Heating as well as cooling your home in an efficient manner for the users' comfort
  • Powering the alarm system to particularly keep you along with your family quite safe
  • Commercial and Residential Electrical Repairs

It needs to be seen that at FM lightning, our team would be contracted to particularly provide an affordable as well as convenient repair services. So, if you are suffering from any kind of wiring problem then going for residential electrical remodel in Denver can be a good option.

Older Homes and Electrical Wiring

There is no doubt in the fact that there is nothing like the charm and the beauty of the older homes. However, they particularly come with a very rich history of the neighborhood’s sense of community. But they can also be specifically featured for outdated wiring system.

And if you are not having a wiring system then it can cause you some real hazards like:

  • There can be a fire in your home
  • There can also be an increased risk of electric shocks
  • There can be expensive utility bills

However, if you specifically own an old home with outdated wiring as well as a wiring system which has an electrical outlet then it may be time to particularly invest in some of the residential electrical repair as well as replacement services.

How Much Power Do You Need For Your Home?

There is no doubt in the fact that there are modern homes specifically use a lot more power than your homes did many years ago. However, it should be considered that you should use 200 amps of electricity when they only needed 60 amps.

How to Know If Your Home Has Enough Amount of Electricity?

If you particularly want to know that if your home has been wired correctly then one of the best ways to do so would be to contact a certified electrician. The benefit of doing so would be that he or she would perform a complete scan or you can use the word audit for your system.


A powerful flow of electricity in one’s home ensures that everything is going right. However, we also need to see that there are some differences between a commercial as well as residential electrical installation.

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