Different Brands of Pianos

Posted by nabeelshaukat on October 13th, 2010

Now have a look on different brands of digital pianos. Following are some best brands of digital pianos:

  Casio

  Kurzweil

  Daewoo

  Alesis

  Suzuki

  Roland

  Yamaha

  And Technics

Now, we will categorize the brands of digital pianos according to the region making digital pianos in the world.

American Pianos

American pianos are famous for their top quality construction, sound and design. But these pianos are more costly than European countries’ pianos. The top brand of U.S. digital pianos is Steinway. It is the best choice of the piano players and is very expensive.

Other U.S. piano brands:

   Hobart M. Cable


   Winter & Company

   Mason & Hamlin.


Asian Pianos

These pianos are very popular these days. The most popular Asian piano brands are Yamaha and Kawai. These are Japanese brands with amazing sound quality and flexibility.

Other Asian piano brands are given below:




   Pearl River


   And Young Chang.


European pianos

U.K. Austria, France and Germany produce great pianos. Following are the best pianos that come from Austria and Germany:








   Seiler and many more.


Before purchasing any piano from the above listed brands, keep in mind the budget you have decided and space where you want to accommodate a piano.

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