Advantages of POE Internet Switches

Posted by unipoeunipoe on February 27th, 2019

1. Simple deployment. Digging holes, pulling wires, and installing power sockets are not needed when using POE switches. Only with one RJ45 port, different power supply modes can be provided for the equipment on different areas through the existing Ethernet. 

2. More flexible. With POE switches, the installation location of the webcam and wireless access point is no longer limited. No matter how far the AC power sockets are, they can be deployed anywhere in need, which makes the network monitoring more perfect.

3. Safer. Compared with AC power supply, POE power supply belongs to the category of weak electricity, and there is no hidden danger of strong electricity. Moreover, only when the network line power supply is connected to the equipment that needs power supply will the voltage provided for the Ethernet cable, eliminating the risk of leakage on the line. 

4. Lower cost. The cost here refers not only to money but also to time cost. Traditional power lines require manual labor as well as a certain amount of time to complete, which means a great expense. Using POE switches to supply power doesn't need much time and labor, they are plug and play systems and is very simple and convenient. 

5. Convenient management. The management and maintenance of the traditional monitoring system are very complicated. With POE power supply, the network camera and wireless access point can be remote controlled, reconfigured or reset. POE switches provide webcam improvements in terms of reliability, cost reduction and ease of deployment. 

With the rapid development of network monitoring, more and more webcam can be powered by POE internet switch. The reliable, cost-effective, convenient and easy-to-use POE switches of HonRi tech make all kinds of webcams can be applied seamlessly, helping the construction of the safe city. HonRi POE switch, in short, "core" technology: fast, stable and complete.

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