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Posted by Terry Ramsay on February 27th, 2019

Offices are busy places shared by many people, and they need to be cleaned thoroughly and effectively. Of course, your professional housekeeping staff will handle it – but there are things you can do to help. The best office cleaning NYC has available follows highly effective techniques and practices, but clutter can diminish overall effectiveness. Making sure to keep desks, workstations, countertops, and tables free from clutter allows cleaners to spend more time dusting, polishing and vacuuming, and less time moving and rearranging objects that are in the way. Conference rooms and storerooms likewise can be kept cleaner and more pleasant when clutter is put away in cabinets and drawers, or discarded if no longer of value. Housekeeping staff can and do move items at times when necessary, but this slows their work and reduces efficiency. Also out of respect for your confidential and essential business documents, some things will be left untouched, and unless you put them away to reveal surfaces to be dusted and polished, it means those may go untouched for longer than is necessary. Colleagues and coworkers appreciate neat and well-organized spaces, and they are more user-friendly and efficient for everyone concerned.

Has your conference room become an ad hoc storeroom? Because they are shared spaces, sometimes these rooms can become a catch-all for overflow from people's work stations. This clutter can reduce the ability of your office cleaner to properly dust, polish and wipe down surfaces. However, on the flip side conference rooms take on vital importance to your business when they are used for client presentations and meetings, meaning that it can be vitally important to keep them looking their best. Contractors recommend these rooms not only be maintained daily but also give routine deep cleanings so that they stay flawless in their appearance. Clients can take away impressions based on many factors, and you want everything about your workplace to come off as favorable and well-organized. Floors also need regular mopping if they are hard surfaces and vacuuming if they are carpeted. Leaving boxes or other temporary items piled on those surfaces impedes the process of maintaining them. Window ledges and radiator banks also can become temporary shelves and storage spots all too easily which again takes them out of the realm of things that can be maintained appropriately.

If your workplace has glass dividers and walls, chances are the architects and interior designers who recommended them had in mind see-through elements to expand the openness of your interior. Your office cleaner will keep them free of fingerprints and smudges but also suggests that you not tape or hang other documents now elements to them. It might seem like another small thing but the cleanliness of glass and see-through surfaces is evident to all, and when they are streak-free and sparkling they not only look and feel better but also they make a great impression on everyone who is walking and working in their vicinity. Desktops kept neat and tidy are more easily cleaned and become more efficient spaces when their entirety is uncovered and available for your use. Window shades and blinds are kept open optimally so that light streams in for a more cheerful vibe.

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