Five Important Things to Ask When Interviewing Office Cleaning Contractors

Posted by Terry Ramsay on February 27th, 2019

1. Are they using up-to-date methods and materials?

In recent years there have been significant advances in cleaning methods, implements, and chemicals that are more effective and better for the environment. One great example is using flat mops to clean hard floors in place of old-fashioned string mops. The results are cleaner and better-looking floors at no increase in cost. Improvements to microfiber dusting cloths also mean dusting and wiping of visible surfaces can bring better results. Streak-free surfaces now are the norm, not the exception.

2. Is the contractor licensed, bonded and insured?

When you're looking for the best office cleaning contractor NYC has available, always ask for credentials. Leading organizations like SanMar Building Services are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Their staff is thoroughly vetted and ready to go to work for your company without any complications or delays. You want people you can count on to be present on your premises where proprietary and confidential information is stored and housed. Also for the safety of your staff and co-workers you want a licensed and bonded team.

3. Are their schedules flexible and can they work when you need them?

Every office and company has its unique hours. You want a cleaning contractor who can be present in your workspace when it's empty, and your colleagues have finished for the day or evening. Knowing your housekeeping crew is flexible with its hours and can be present at the specific time you need them on site is essential. It is about both the comfort and convenience of your colleagues and also the efficiency of the process. The use of some equipment such as vacuum cleaners produces a certain amount of noise and therefore needs to take place when the premises are empty.

4.Do they sanitize restrooms, use germ reducing agents and carefully clean lunchrooms?

An office that looks cleaner are an essential first step, but the more important consideration is whether or not many shared surfaces are sanitized? It includes sinks, counters, and toilets in the restrooms shared elements like telephone handsets, computer keyboards, door handles, counters, conference tables, and reception areas and any other place where germs and bacteria may be present. Making sure these are sanitized daily is crucial for the health of you and your co-workers.

5. How is their list of long-term and satisfied clients?

Asking for references might not be your first thought, but it is an excellent idea. Leading office cleaning contractors like SanMar Building Services have long lists of satisfied clients. Good companies have long-term relationships and significant track records of success. No one is more qualified to tell you about the quality and caliber of service than someone who has experienced the daily results of outstanding cleaning work. Expertly trained staff and the finest materials make all the difference in better outcomes.

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