How to Properly Conceal A Body Surveillance Camera

Posted by MaxRuby on February 27th, 2019

The use of body surveillance cameras has become widespread over the recent years. Most institutions and households rely on the spy cameras to maximize their security. Be it protecting the homes from bandits and intruders or other professional monitoring in larger institutions; you cannot ignore the benefits that come along with the surveillance cameras. In some cases, you may need to watch over the activities of your house cleaners or your babysitter. In this case, you can get a nanny cam and observe the subject from the comfort of your workplace. Employing any spy equipment for your surveillance purposes tends to be a reliable practice.

Different types of cameras are built to serve particular spying purposes, ranging from popular cameras for general purposes to surveillance cameras. The spy cameras are most preferably hidden by fixing them in a spy gear to ensure least possible exposure. Such hidden cameras can be useful in circumstances such as the gathering of evidence where you can take pictures or videos covertly.

This article presents some critical tips on how you can adjust or strategically position your spy equipment for efficient surveillance. You just have to be creative while setting up the camera since some will only require a little adjustment.

Set your camera under ceilings and house eaves

Mostly, the spy cameras are usually small in size, and they exist in different colors. Noticing these cameras when they are positioned on the top part of the wall under eaves and ceilings would be difficult. Smaller cameras would be simpler to hide from view and besides, not many people would keep on looking at the roofs. You should consider getting a mini camera, which small in size, and set it up on the ceiling. It is essential to match the color of your ceiling with the color of the camera’s body cover.

Place the spy camera near trees

Bushes or trees can provide good concealment for surveillance cameras as no one would think of looking up for such places. More so, if you get a spy gear that has colors matching the trees, or else with some camouflage characteristics, it would be difficult to notice them. You can fix the spy camera on trees that surround your house, business or any other place you would like to spy. In most cases, cameras that are suitable for fixing in such areas are preferably the wireless-type. The presence of the wiring would only reveal the presence of a camera to an intruder or a burglar.

Hide in common household items

You may like to further hide your spy camera in places where no one would have expected. Ordinary objects in the house can provide a good disguise for your indoor or nanny cam. Objects such as plant pots, tissue boxes or a faked teddy bear placed maybe on top of a chair. Places such as bookshelves are suitable options for strategic placement of spy equipment, and you can use some few books to hide the spy cameras further.

Place the camera behind the window glass

Most home surveillance cameras are not only focused on the indoor security but also the safety outside the house. You can set such a security camera inside the house behind window glass. Some intruders would even damage the camera immediately they identify them but when they are inside the house, they would not only be secure from damage, but they will be hardly recognized.


The most effective mode of concealing a security camera is by selecting a strategic position to place the camera. Different outfits would determine different areas of placement. Choosing a spy camera with a suitable design regarding shape, size and color would help you attain the spying level you would anticipate.

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