What is Insect antibacterial protein

Posted by beauty33 on February 28th, 2019

Insect antibacterial protein, an intrinsic nutrient, is named for its unique ingredient, the antibacterial peptide.



The antibacterial peptide is an active small molecule polypeptide that can kill a variety of pathogens within 24 hours as long as it has a concentration of one tenth. Insect antibacterial protein is also rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, multivitamins, minerals, trace elements and so on. Insect antibacterial protein is extracted by Professor Xia Wenshui from the Food College of Jiangnan University, etc., and is extracted by the national patent technology “biological enzymatic hydrolysis method”, which has been widely used in nutrition and health care.

Life originates from protein, and high-quality protein is the cornerstone of healthy life activities.

Every cell and all important components in life have protein, including heart, liver, kidney, lung, brain and skin, muscle, blood, hair, nails, etc. They are in eternal aging, death, and new life. During the metabolic process, for example, the epidermis of young people is updated once every 28 days, and the gastric mucosa is completely renewed in two or three days.

Therefore, if a person's protein intake, absorption, and utilization are good, then the skin is shiny and elastic. On the contrary, people are often in a sub-health state. After the tissue is damaged, including trauma, if it is not timely and high-quality repair, it will accelerate the decline of the body. Therefore, the relationship between protein and life and life activities is inseparable.

At the same time, protein is the number one of the six major nutrients our body needs. To evaluate a person's health, the first thing to look at is the balance of protein. With sufficient protein, human body functions will function properly and stay healthy.

Nutrient content

Flies, cockroaches, and many other insects that live in humid and bacteriological environments for many years. They carry hundreds of germs themselves, but they never get sick. This is precisely because they contain many special ingredients, such as the most important natural. High-quality active protein, amino acid (including 8 essential amino acids), unsaturated amino acids, vitamins and calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other mineral elements, as well as antibacterial peptides, defensins, exogenous Lectins and low chitosan and other substances.

High-quality active protein: life is inseparable from protein, which is the basic substance for making muscle, blood, skin and various body organs. Scientific research has found that insects, the most active insect-active antibacterial protein in insects, can continuously synthesize and decompose, and are important components for constituting, renewing, and repairing tissues and cells. It also helps transform food into energy, builds antibodies to the immune system, protects against viruses and bacteria, and enhances immune function.

Low chitosan: Low chitosan is praised by scientists as "the sixth element of human life." It can relieve bowel movements, promote digestion, eliminate waste toxic substances in the digestive tract, and clean up heavy metal ions to prevent and reduce the damage of heavy metal toxins to human organs. Because low chitosan is also rich in a large number of biologically active "enzymes", it has significant effects on blood sugar lowering, blood lipids, blood pressure, etc., and has been widely recognized by the medical community.

Antibacterial peptide: inhibits the nucleic acid metabolism and growth of certain tumor cells, is harmless to normal cells of the human body, can kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria within 24 hours, enhance human immunity, and also has health effects on liver and kidney. As long as the concentration is tens of one-tenth of a million, you can kill many kinds of germs in the human body.

Exogenous lectin: It can effectively prevent and treat cancer, and it can also help prevent intestinal inflammation and infectious diseases.

Defensins: It can produce a strong killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and can effectively prevent various infectious diseases caused by viruses.

Amino acid: The insect antibacterial protein contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, the total amount exceeds 40% of the reference value proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO); the glutamic acid content is 8.2-8.4%, more than all High animal protein has a good effect on improving children's mental development, postoperative recovery and anti-aging.

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