Health Issues That Can Happen due to Bad Oral health

Posted by alonelywriter on February 28th, 2019

Keeping a good and healthy mouth is not only essential for the health of teeth but according to dentists and doctors bad breath, bleeding gum, and aching teeth can invite troubles to the body too. While people may be visiting the dental clinics for getting rid of their dental issues, they do not realize that they are protecting their body from several diseases by doing the same, this is because the human mouth is the doorway to various germs, bacteria, and viruses and allowing their free flow to the body can cause many issues to the body.

What Health Problems Can Be Caused Due To Poor Oral Health?

Cardiovascular Diseases: Yes, the heart is at risk due to dental issues. It has been observed that an individual who is facing the issue of inflammation of gums due to periodontal disease, the bacteria which is responsible for this issue can enter the blood through the mouth which can lead to building up of plaque in the arteries leading to their hardening. This can lead to issues in the flow of blood which can further aggravate to blockage paving way for invited heart attack. Another issue that can spring up due to this is Endocarditis which is caused due to the infection inlining of the heart and this is a fatal condition.

Breathing Infections: as all the germs are traveling in the mouth due to any unsolved or ignored dental issue, all of these are passing on to the respiratory system infecting it. This can cause breathing issues and affect the respiratory system. This can cause pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and COPD.

Diabetes: it may seem surprising that the issue caused by disturbed insulin level can be caused by dental issues too but this is how the fact is. The person suffering from the periodontal disease can have a significantly bad effect on their existing issue of diabetes making it even more severe by disturbing the sugar levels extremely.

Complications with Pregnancy: the mothers who are carrying babies in their wombs need to practice more oral hygiene. This is because bad oral habits or diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis expose them to risk of having a premature birth of the child or it can lead to inadequate loss of weight of the child. The gum diseases make the mother and her child more vulnerable to health issues.

Cancer: people who keep poor oral habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco are known to develop mouth cancer but the individuals who do not observe good oral habits are also at risk of developing other kinds of cancer such as pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, and blood cancer.

Kidney Disease: the persons who suffer from gum issues are more prone to catching infections. Thus, the people who do not practice oral hygiene are highly at risk of developing kidney disease.

All in all, it is necessary to practice oral hygiene not only to have shiny, lustrous and healthy teeth but to maintain the fitness of the entire body and keeping the chronic diseases away to a large extent from the body.

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