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Posted by pooja late on February 28th, 2019

To travelers, the world is their oyster! There are so many places that are wonderful. Some like to travel to the same locations more than once, while others may like to only visit new places every time they travel. When it comes to traveling though, whether it is a business trip or a solo vacation with family and friends – the planning of it out and to execute the plan successfully can be of great helps.

But imagine a scenario where you have a bucket list of places you wish to visit within a certain budget. If you are travelling with a pet or you or someone you are traveling with has a disability, a travel agency comes in handy a great deal!

Here are the reasons you should hire a travel agency:

Facilitating Accessibility:

Disability is still, in today’s day and time taken for granted, if they or a loved one need special accommodation. Just like sustainability, accessible traveling needs to be given equal importance as well.  The dream of travelling and seeing the whole world is practically a dream shared by many across the globe and no one should be excluded from this dream.

Accessible tourism should be on everyone’s radar. It is easier for those who don’t have any special needs. But when the trips can be planned in advance keeping in mind the special needs of the disabled person, they get a chance to enjoy this beautiful world.

To make this possible, a travel agency can help immensely. Travel agents are trained to provide travel solutions in situations like this. Something that one person who may not be as experienced may not know how to make possible, a travel agent can.

The planning that goes into travelling:

  •          Find and contact the hotels to pick a hotel that is appropriate for your stay.
  •          Next up, you will have to contact the transporting company so that once you get there, you will have no problem looking finding a ride that you can explore the place better. Booking a premium car that will occupy someone with disabilities, needs to be taken into consideration.
  •          You then will have to look for good restaurants in the area, so that you already know what food you will get, in case you have special preferences.
  •          If you like to visit places that offer tours, you need to find someone reliable and preferably a local who can take you around on a guided tour. This tour guide needs to be filled with stories that will help you understand the place better.
  •          Last but not the least, for those of you who are traveling with a person with disabilities, will have to make sure to find out if the place you are staying at and the placing you are traveling to will have proper facilities that is prepared to take care of the person with disability.

Even if you are traveling to a completely new location and you have the responsibility of someone you love and care deeply about who is disabled and completely or at least partially dependent on you to get by, can you imagine the stress of having to do all of the above all by yourself?

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In this article, Mia explains the importance of a travel agency when it comes to looking for travel solutions.

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