Surgical Gowns and Drapes Market is Likely to Experience a Tremendous Growth

Posted by Yash Chauhan on February 28th, 2019

Surgical drapes are being used in the courses of surgery to prevent contact with unprepared surfaces and to maintain the sterility of environmental surfaces, equipment, and the patient’s surroundings. Similarly, to maintain a sterile surgical field and reduce the risk of transmission of pathogens to both patients and staff sterile surgical gowns are worn over the scrub suit of the operating team during surgical procedures. 

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Surgical gowns and drapes are fabricated from, multiple- or single-use materials. There is large variation in design and performance characteristics within each of these two broad categories, which reflects the necessary trade-offs in economy, comfort and degree of protection required for particular surgical procedures.

During surgical procedures, the risk of pathogen transmission increases if the barrier materials become wet. Consequently, the multiple- or single-use materials of the drapes and gowns used in a surgical procedure should prevent the penetration of liquids. Reusable materials are typically composed of different tightly-woven textiles and/or knitted cotton, or other fabrics possibly blended with polyester and/or chemically treated.

These products have to be durable and provide protection after many processing and treatment. Disposable surgical drapes and gowns are typically composed of non-woven materials of synthetic and/or natural origin, possibly combined with chemical treatment.

The increasing number of surgeries, mounting occurrence of chronic diseases, increasing frequency of hospital-acquired infection, and mounting healthcare expenditure are the primary growth drivers for surgical gowns and drapes market


In developing countries, the reuse of drapes and gowns, and stringent regulations on the quality are the major challenges for the growth of surgical gowns and drapes market. In developing countries, the alertness of hospital-acquired infection is less owing to inadequate data and low quality. 

Key players in the surgical gowns and drapes industry are investing in the development of innovative and advance products, which is strengthening their position in the market. In October 2016, Cardinal Health expanded its presence in Hong Kong by bring its powder-free gloves product line to Hong Kong and penetrating the disposable drapes and gowns segment as part of its expansion in Asia.

Cardinal Health, Halyard Health, 3M, Mölnlycke Health Care, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Steris Corporation, Paul Hartmann, Priontex, Guardian, and Medica Europe Bv are some of the key players offering these products.

Source: VynZ Research

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