Some Useful Ways To Cure Early Ejaculation

Posted by drshahni on February 28th, 2019

Specialist, offering Early Ejaculation Treatment in Bhopal says that, at some point of time or another, approximately 30% of men experience the issues of early ejaculation. Early ejaculation is considered to be one of the most stressful sexual states for men all across the globe. However, the good news is that, the issue of early ejaculation can be eliminated with the help of some natural treatment methods and prescription drugs.

As per a specialist, offering Early Ejaculation Treatment in Bhopal, couple of behavioral techniques can help you fight the symptoms of early ejaculation. “Sexual counseling along with some medications can cure your issue of early ejaculation”, states a specialist, offering Early Ejaculation Treatment in Bhopal. There are varieties of techniques that can treat early ejaculation condition in men. These early ejaculation prevention techniques have been tried and tested. We suggest you to follow these techniques with the end goal to maintain a distance from early ejaculation. These techniques can help you last longer in bed. Let us go through them:

Perform Kegels

Kegels exercise will help you control ejaculation. They will strengthen the muscles of the penis and help control ejaculation. To do Kegels, you are ought to strain the same muscles that you use to stop urinating halfway. Squeeze this muscle for 10 seconds, then release. For best results, do at least three sets of 10 repetitions every single day.

Wear special condoms

“A great degree of men reports that using condoms makes sex less pleasurable. However, in the event that you have an issue of early ejaculation, using condoms can be beneficial for you”, advises a specialist, offering Early Ejaculation Treatment in Bhopal. There are certain sorts of condoms that are designed specially to control ejaculation by reducing sensitivity and delay ejaculation, using which, can help you last for a long period of time in bed.

Masturbate before having sex

Yes, you read that right. Masturbating prior to intercourse can help you last longer in bed. Though it is an old school technique, yet one can’t deny its effectiveness. Provide yourself with some more time between performances. Masturbating in different session can enhance the timing of your ejaculation to a great extent.

The above mentioned techniques are just the beginning. There are several other techniques that can prevent early ejaculation. In the event that you are suffering from early ejaculation, you are requested to see a specialist of Early Ejaculation Treatment in Bhopal. They can help you with some more techniques if the above mentioned techniques do not work for you.

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